Would you gladly accept free food if you could legally acquire it in such a fashion, or would you prefer to pay for it?

  • I wouldn't mind free food.

    I'm not really a huge foody, but I wouldn't mind being able to legally get free food. I really wouldn't mind anything that helps me save money. There is alot you can do with more money, maybe then you could even actually buy food by paying with real money. . If you actually spend that much on food for some reason

  • Appreciation of Food

    Yes, and no. Complimentary food from businesses (e.G. Hotels, theaters, that kind of thing) could be nice, but there is a tiny issue. If you go to a fancy restaurant, that serves good food, of course i would want to pay. Why? Because I am showing my appreciation of the quality! A little bit, it is kind of like tipping the waiter, except it also includes the owners for encouraging the environment , and the cooks for making good food. For a small restaurant, if they have pretty good food, I would hope to pay accordingly to the quality of food and service.

    Essentially, it's this: complimentary, which is done anyway, is fine to me. However, especially if people are making a living off of me eating there, I would want to pay according to the food quality and service.

    However, there is another exception: the idea of helping feeding the poor is fine to me. It's good if the poorer people who can't pay don't starve, because we don't like the economic loss and the corpses.

    Though, technically, this argument can be easily countered by simply putting a donation box at the place where one obtains the said free food.

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