Would you go see a movie who's cast was mostly black??

Asked by: CueQuianna
  • Yes, if its good

    This is a very random question. Why not just ask "are you a racist?" I mean a movie is determined by how good the story is and if the actors can act. So I fail to see the relevance of the question unless this is going somewhere which I can't understand.

  • I'll watch a movie regardless of the majority race of the case, as long as it's not stupid

    I think any movie that's stupid, regardless of race, is not gonna get my viewing. So yeah, I think I'd give any movie a chance. I just care about quality, not the race. So yes, I don't care about color when it comes to the movies I'd watch or view.

  • What's wrong with color

    From what I've seen and read it seems like a lot of colored characters are getting heat for just there skin. I've read so may different blogs about black actors playing superheroes its crazy I was wondering what's so wrong with it. Like when Idris Elba played the gate keeper in Thor ugh the comments were crazy so what's your opinion.

  • Yeshness. Yes yes yes

    This question made me realize that their are not that many movies with diverse actors. So yesh there should be more full black casts. Since half of the movies I've seen have a full white cast. And I would love to see a movie with a black superhero as a main character. Since the only one I've seen was Blade.

  • Indeed, as long as the production is not obviously being ridiculous.

    If the film/script requires an all Black cast, of course I would watch it. Id watch one with an all Asian or White cast as well, if it suits the goal of the film/art. Personally, I think it is more wise to have a diverse cast, not only is it more intriguing, but our racially bias audiences can have something they can be appeased by, thus you'd sell more tickets at the box office. Making a film is art, but also a product in which to sell to make money, provide jobs, and entertain people. Gotta always first an for most consider your audience, if you want your film to be successful, gotta be strategic and balance ideals with reason.

  • Yes. And I already have.

    I would go see a movie that is well made, regardless of the make up of the cast. There was a movie filmed in Cleveland Ohio called Uptight that was almost entirely done by black actors. Putney Swope was mainly a black cast. Roots, Color purple, the Butler, etc. were all good and mostly black.

  • If the plot and production are good, There Is No Reason Not To Go And See It!

    I watch Chinese, Japanese and Indian movies often, so there is no different in watching an African movie or even an American or English movie with an all native African/negro cast and crew. Most I've seen are excellent actors so I know the quality of acting will be good and if the plot is interesting I will certainly go and watch it. I would likely enjoy it. Prejudice has no place in anything, especially the movie and television industry. People are people, regardless of skin color. What counts in movies is only the quality of the script, production and the abilities of the actors to act.

  • More Representation Please

    I am so tired of how the media is filled to the brim with nothing but movies that star attractive white people. Is it so hard for Hollywood to make movies that involve black people? Hell, not just black people! Asian people, Native Americans and other minorities too. Hollywood just keeps on pumping out mediocre white movies. It's boring and racist.

  • Bad boys, bad boys!

    Have you seen Bad Boys II?! So good. Mostly black cast. Why does race have to have anything to do with it? If it was the case that they were deliberately excluding other races to play the parts of their race, then sure, that's a problem, Asians should play Asians etc (unless the plot relies on something obviously comedic for that exact purpose, e.g. Tropic Thunder). But otherwise, go for it!

  • Yeah....? I would.

    I don't really understand why this needs to be a question.

    I would go see a movie with mostly men, mostly women, mostly gay people, mostly old people, mostly kids, mostly humans, mostly aliens, mostly animals, mostly plants... As long as 1) it's not a cartoon, and 2) it's not stupid and anti-intuitive.

  • No no no

    If i want a movie with black people in itm the humor will be black and everyone will be black and the houses will be black and the president will be black and run on sentences will be black and the color black will be black so no, never ever.

  • They tend to be racist.

    I have seen many movies that most of the cast is black and they all tend to portray white people as evil, stupid, racist, or other negative traits where the black characters tend to be the better. Seeing that they use racial stereotypes that means they are in fact racist. Granted, when white people ran the movie industry, black people would often be shown in a negative light but does past racism justify further racism?
    If you disagree, please give examples of mostly black movies where this is not the case.

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