• Hell yeah I would! I'd bring mine too!

    Anyone who says it's not safe is a wimp. You could bring your own gun? Also what moron would have the balls to whip his gun out and shoot someone? Yeah, thought so. It's safe and I'd show mine off and look at other people's guns. Hell, I'd run my own open carry restaurant and have gun shows there.

  • Of course I would!

    I'd feel safer if there were guns inside. Now if a gangster looking guy came into the restaurant with a fully automatic rifle, then I'd be alarmed. But if people are just carrying, and exercising their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, then I find no problem with that, and I feel even safer. People say, well allowing firearms give people the ability to shoot other people. But if the majority or the people have those firearms, not nearly as many people are going to be shooting at me, because I have a gun.

  • Depending on where you live, you most likely are already doing so.

    In most of the U.S. all restaurants already allow people to conceal weapons there unless there is a sign that explicitly says that it doesn't. What most people who are afraid of guns don't realize is that you are actually around all kinds of people everyday that have guns on them, but you never see them because they are concealed and only used in self defense. Almost all people with CC permits obey the law and have no intention of either breaking the law or letting anyone else see that they are carrying. I would feel safer in a room full of strangers knowing that everyone there has a gun, than I would in a explicitly "gun-free" area.

  • I would feel safer.

    Most people that carry guns are law abiding citizens. There will be less of a chance of a bunch of thugs coming in to rob the place. Think of it his way. You have two similar homes, one has an alarm system with a sign out front, and the other home has nothing. You have a bunch of thugs trying to break in. Whose house do you think will get robbed. They will also think twice before robbing an establishment that allows guns.

  • Actually I would feel more safe.

    Its a very simple fact: 99% of people who have a concealed carry license or are simply carrying it in the open are not the kind of people that murder or go on murderous rampages. These are almost exclusively the type of people who are well versed in the ways of gun safety and effective gun handling, not to mention law abiding citizens who wish to remain safe just like anyone else.

  • Ever seen Pulp Fiction?


    I don't really need to say anything here. The film does it for me, but what the hell:

    Imagine going into a restaurant, ordering food, and sitting down. Suddenly, some jerk with an illegal pistol pops out of his booth and starts robbing everybody. Without a gun, you're helpless. With one, you've got "equality" on your side.

    I feel safer in a restaurant with armed patrons than one without. Why? If someone wanted to start shooting, he'd get only one shot off before someone with a full set of balls nailed him in the chest with a hollowpoint round.

    You won't find someone with a full set of balls over there ===>

  • People already do

    Guns are already allowed in restaurants in most places in the U.S. The fact of the matter is that in most states, people are legally allowed to carry firearms into any area that is not a school, courthouse, or other federal building. I live in Vermont, which has some of if not the most relaxed gun laws in the country, and I eat at restaurants with guns in them all the time. There are guns everywhere around here, yet I'm much safer than most people in places with strict gun control laws.

  • No problem with it..

    Yes, there is absolutely nothing to fear having a meal with people who are exercising their right to carry a firearm. The authoritarian impulse assumes your neighbors are homicidal maniacs and this construct sows the worst distrust imaginable. If you don't like, go somewhere else, order in, or go to the drive thru.

  • I would feel safe

    If people carried guns in a restaurant, then I would feel safer because if a mass shooter decided to come off the street and into the place to shoot everyone up, guess what? That guy would be blown to bits and my life would be safe, all thanks to the 2nd amendment

  • No, i woulid not go to a restaurant that allowed people to carry guns inside.

    Guns are very dangerous to carry around. People might start arguing in the restaurant and they may end up drawings guns at each other.If they start firing at each other, innocent people inside the same restaurant may get hurt and their only mistake would be being in the restaurant at the wrong time.

  • yes, it is dangerous.

    Allowing guns in the resturant is not safe. it may invite criminal activities. all people in the restaurant may not have come over there for the same purpose. if people are allowed to take guns then they may shoot their rivals and innocent people may lose their life being the wrong one to be shoot ed out.

  • There don't need to be guns in restaurants

    Guns don't belong in restaurants. The 2nd amendment is fine, but there's a difference between your own home, in your car, or while you walk the street and being in a private establishment which should have every right to impose reasonable limitations. It's the same with other amendments. The police can't arrest you for giving the middle finger but if you give it to your boss he can fire you and if you give it to a restaurant owner he may throw you out.

    If a restaurant wants to allow guns I suppose that's their business but I would not be dining there.

  • Going to a Restaurant Without Guns

    Going to a restaurant is a pleasant and relaxing way to spend pleasant moments with family, friends, colleagues or business partners. Hunting is a place where guns and weapons are welcomed. I am totally against guns to be allowed to be carried inside restaurants, shopping malls and any other place where people and their loved ones go to have fun and be together.

  • It is only a fantasy

    Ok, for one second f**K the second amendment. Pretend it doesn't exist or has been discontinued. How does it sound to have a restaurant that serves alcohol where you can bring a gun, loaded or unloaded, who cares. In this restaurant, you could technically take your gun, load it, and swing it around at everyone and you would be breaking no rules. Say there is no ammo allowed, ok so organized criminals shoot it up and take everyone's guns. Yay? Say ammo is allowed, it would be absolute mayhem trying to stop a bunch of drunk guys from shooting each other. There would be a shooting every other day. It's not that I think people should be allowed to have guns in general, I'm just saying that this is simply the worst idea one could conceive.

  • No, Guns should not be allowed in public establishments

    The gun carry laws will destroy the perceptions of safety and those at risk to actual gun crimes. If anyone is able to carry a gun inside an establishment who's to say that person is a mad gunmen and is openly carrying to kill because of a law. Isolating a threat is much easier to identify than everyone that is able to carry and shoot their weapon. It's a disaster in the making.

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Mike01506 says2014-10-04T17:17:28.427
Frankly I wouldn't go to a country that allowed guns to be carried inside freely, and the reason is pretty much the same as it would be here.