Would you go to another country if you could?

Asked by: WilliamsP
  • Yes I would in fact

    All countries are beautiful in there own way and have a history behind and would be worth it to visit and learn about other persons cultures. All countries have great places to visit and great reasons behind it and all countries are important and have a reason to be on the earth, no matter how good or bad it is. Well it is just the way i see the earth and life.

  • The government in America is corrupt!

    I can't stand the madness. I am afraid for this country. I think it will fail. The National Defense Authorization Act is insanity. It is an extreme grab for power by the government and will result in a complete martial take over of this country and this country's people. This country is f*cked!

  • Expansion or horizons

    The point of human existence is truly to expand the human experience. Some choose to do this through self exploration, i.E meditation, some through spiritual exploration, prayer, reading a 2,000 year old book. All of these, are novelties however and have boundaries, as there are masters of meditation and prayer. However no man has ever explored every part, and met every man. No matter how many countries you'll go to you'll never be that. This is, therefore the best way to expand your horizon of experience.

  • Most certainly yes.

    I have already had the great privilege of going to over a dozen countries, but I will explain to you why I have done so. This world is absolutely beautiful. I believe that all nations are equal and are great in their own way. I have seen the beauty of other nations and cultures. I sincerely hope you do the same.

  • Wouldn't think twice about it

    Tired of my civil right being squeezed . While all countries have problems Americans seem to be so uptight and judgemental. Our goverment seems to be turning into a police state and our judicial system has gone " for profit" corporations have choked the diversity out of business especially small business owners.

  • In a heartbeat!

    I'd leave the USA without a second thought (then again, I've already been thinking of it). It's a fallacy to believe that the USA is the "best country on earth." Pretty much every country in Europe offers more freedoms, less social control, less government intrusion, etc. And yes, other countries offer far more culture that what the USA has. The "culture" here is incredibly limited.

  • Yes I would.

    If I could go to another country I most likely wood. I would probably want to visit England or Canada if anything though because I do not want to go to a country where I can not understand the language. I feel like that would be tough and confusing, plus England has some great sites to see.

  • YEs, you should.

    Its always good to travel to experience other cultures and countries. It increases our knowledge and appreciation thereof, and also adds to our" cultural awareness". If you like. Besides, you get to taste new foods, meet new people, enjoy a different climate, play new sports,etc. So if you can,you should go!

  • Somebody please think of the ...

    I think it is extremely important to specify which country. What if the country is experiencing a large influx of mosquitos? I would not want to visit during a mosquito extravaganza. Mosquitos can bit with a needle like nose, draw blood, and cause you to itch. I do not like the sensation of itching, but I understand how many of us have differing preferences. Be careful of mosquitos!

    Posted by: DPL

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