• Keurig coffee is too expensive

    For anyone who thinks that the Keurig coffee maker is a good investment, they should consider the outrageous expense that comes with the machine and the coffees. In fact, the coffee system is so pricey, it is not surprising to consider hacking the machine to save a few pennies. Add how wasteful the individuals system is (with cups and grinds impossible to reuse) and hacking might be a great idea for anyone looking to be environmentally friendly.

  • Yes, I would absolutely hack my Keurig machine for cheaper coffee

    When Keurig announced that it's new line of machines would only allow consumers to use their own expensive brand of coffee pods, consumers were naturally outraged, as were the producers of alternate coffee pods. The company claimed the move was designed to ensure the quality of the coffee, but this of course reeks of an excuse to increase profits. And besides, shouldn't consumers be the ones to decide whether alternate coffee pods are of lesser quality than the name brand ones? I would absolutely hack my machine to use cheaper coffee.

  • Yes, I would hack my Keurig.

    People have been posting videos on how to hack a Keurig coffee system so you don't have to by their brand of coffee. I would definitely take this advice if I was dumb enough to by the over priced system to begin with. Any machine that only allows its own proprietary accessories is a terrible system and should be hacked.

  • Not even consider it.

    Don't deal with Keurig, because they are taking a page out of the printer industry, making their machine only compatible with their cartridge / coffee pod so, that they can control the price, keep it high...
    I would not use a Keurig machine as you cannot properly clean the water container, machines end up with mold and other nasties growing inside the machine, so they are potential health hazards, plus the K-cups made of plastic also add chemical residue to your coffee...Another reason to leave it alone!

    I use a simple italian stove top coffee machine, so can put what ever coffee in it I desire...

    You can also use frenchpress, aeropress or Espresso Machine. You will make far better coffee at ¼ of price.

  • If you can't afford the pods, why do you have a Keurig?

    Using a Keurig to make your coffee is by no means a budget-conscious decision. People buy and brew coffee with them for convenience, not to save money. There are less expensive versions of K-cups available at retailers such as Sam's Club, so you don't have to pay Keurig's full asking price for them. But if you're really that hard up for money, use an old-fashioned coffeemaker and inexpensive brand rather than going to the trouble of hacking your Keurig.

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