• Indulgence while Lecturing

    So much of the catholic church's doctrine revolves around the perpetual guilt that is in their members. The fact that confession is still a dedicated practice stands to show how the religion feels about the pleasures of life. To condemn these ways, and turn around to distribute them for financial gain is neither moral or ethical.

  • Yes, I would have criticized the Catholic Church for selling indulgences.

    Indulgences should only be given out to people who have performed good works or have prayed for especially long periods of time, I think being able to buy an Indulgence cheapens the entire thing and I think it would have been wrong for the Catholic Church to do something like that.

  • Yes, I would have criticized the selling of indulgences

    Though obviously an uneducated peasant would not have been able to make a biblical argument against indulgences, I would have made such an argument had I been a member of the clergy. Indulgences specifically favor the rich over the poor, hinging one's reward to ability to pay the gatekeepers of salvation.

  • More Than Likely

    I liken the sale of indulgences to American consumerism now present in America. Indulgences were like big business for the Catholic Church. It's just proof that money shouldn't be worshiped like it often is in society. I would have criticized the sale of indulgences, probably to the point I would have gotten in trouble.

  • not at all

    no, they are just trying to do all that they can to make money, and a church is nothing more than a business that is trying to make a lot of money off of the people. I think that the people are willing to pay a lot to get faith.

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