• Haha are you kidding?

    It doesn't take a genius to know that John Dillinger was absolutely ruthless and crazy and definitely someone to be feared. Look, if I were just passing him on the street, he might look like a decent respectable guy, but I sure as hell wouldn't want to get on his bad side. He wears a bullet proof vest and has what it takes to kill a man. Any person who can take pain and then give it back is not someone to be trifled with.

  • No. Just another bank robber.

    John Dillenger was famous for robbing banks and yeah I wouldnt want to get on his bad side either, but I dont want to get on anybodys bad side and wearing a "bullet proof vest"? Bullet resistant vests in that day were not very good or concealable and how would that make him fearable? Its like wearing a seatbelt in your car.

  • Just a man

    Although this was a very dangerous man, I myself would not have feared him if I had got to see him. All he was after was money, and robbing banks is how he got it, and he was not wanting to hurt any people. He just wanted the bank money.

  • Toe to Toe with John Dillinger

    It is a different time and different place looking John Dillinger in the eye. It was more rough and tumble. You were brought up to be more of a man than in the world today. Most people grow up not knowing how to live without all of the conveniences. I was raised in a rural area where chopping wood and knowing how to handle a gun was part of life. I can easily say that I would stand toe to toe and look John Dillinger in the eye. We would just have to see who could draw the fastest.

  • Dillinger Was a Punk

    John Dillinger was just like every other bank robber during the Great Depression--a young and desperate punk. I don't fear bullies. If putting a bullet in me would have made Dillinger happy, so be it. At that point, I would have been out of my misery during that horrible time in the world.

  • Probably Not Afraid

    Given that I am not a prime target for robbery and I certainly would not have tried to stop him from robbing his banks, I do not believe I would have feared John Dillinger. What he did was very focused on the banking industry and sometimes authority, but he didn't generally act against the common public.

  • No not really.

    I would not of feared John Dillinger because he was mostly their to rob banks and if someone was worried about running into him they could of just not went to the bank. Banks are not something we have to use and go to so I do not think it would of been an issue for me.

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