Would you/have you ever hit a woman? Obviously real men wouldn't so my actual question is why? Is it because you feel sorry for us or because you respect us?

Asked by: marina_gurg
Would you/have you ever hit a woman? Obviously real men wouldn't so my actual question is why? Is it because you feel sorry for us or because you respect us?
  • Only in self defense. Gender is irrelevant.

    Men tend not to hit women, even in self defense, both because of how they were raised and the legal consequences (a man is effectively guilty until proven innocent if the victim is a woman, and has no recourse if he is the victim of a false accusation.) Personally I would feel no remorse hitting a woman in self defense, and anyone who seriously believes you can just "take the knife or gun away" from a female attacker is incredibly naive.

    That said, I have never hit anyone, male or female, because I have never allowed myself to be put in a situation where I had to defend myself.

    Posted by: Quan
  • I would hit a woman...

    I am a nonviolent person so would prefer not to hit anyone, but if it was a matter of self-defense I would hit a woman just as quickly as I would hit a man. I dont believe women deserve to be put on some sort of pedestal above men and, if someone is attacking you, by all means hit back regardless of their sex.

  • Not allowed in islam

    Being a Muslim i and hope so that every Muslim knows that Quran strictly condemn to hit women especially...And hazrat Ali(R.A) said that "powerful is not one who kick off his competent, but it is one who control his anger/emotions. The solution is also from Islamic books that when you are in anger; if you are sitting then stand up or if you stand then sit down.

  • If women keeps hitting men who respects them enough to not hit them back, then they should expect some retaliation

    Nowadays, domestic violence against women is diminishing since it is now etched into a guy's mind that we shouldn't hit women. But domestic violence against men is increasing. If a woman hits me on a daily basis with a bad attitude and her mind is like "What are you gonna now, huh?!", then she should expect that one day, I'll retaliate.
    I respect women enough to never hit them, unless there's a very good reason. Cheating is not part of those reasons. If someone hits me relentlessly, I'll definitely hit him/her back one day. Gender doesn't play a role. The kind of person you are is not your gender. Just because you're a guy doesn't mean you're strong and merciless and just because you're a girl doesn't mean you're weak, defenseless, and subservient. The kind of person you are is defined through your actions.

  • I would but I don't....

    Real men? Stop dividing men into real and not. By a "real man" people often mean someone who has a successful job, good income, good education, and good manners. Guess what...Everyone, no matter what gender, should strive towards those things. Media portrays men in today's world as idiots and clumsy, and don't get any respect for what men have built..,.Which is everything around us, just look around outside, a man probably made it or came up with the idea(car, house, traffic lights, telephone, airplane, etc.).

    I don't respect ANYONE unless I talk to you and am given a reason to respect you.

    There are MANY REASONS to hit a woman but men don't because 5 other dudes "fighting for the woman's honor" and the potential for sex of course, will come and beat you up. I wouldn't hit a woman because a woman could never deserve that much of my energy to be wasted on her, but to say there's NO reason is absurd. Don't kid yourselves women, you're annoying and have absolutely nothing to say that I haven't heard or would want to hear.

  • In the name of Equality

    Kind of joking. But seriously, if I needed to, I could easily sleep that night (possibly on a jail cot). If the choice is to stand there an be a 'man' while physically emotionally abuses me, that's an easy off button. My situation would have to change significantly for me to enter that situation, but women are not on some pedestal that us men cant touch even in the worst of situations.

  • In self defense, just like with anyone.

    Firstly, what a stupid title you chose, "Obviously real men wouldn't", this already is a huge bias towards disagreement and I think you need to learn how to correctly structure a non-biased question. Anyway, I will use the force required to defend myself against anyone / anything, it is my legal and moral right to do so, I don't care if a woman is assaulting me, a dog is assaulting me, a man is assaulting me, I will defend myself. That said, I would never hit anyone if they didn't instigate it, I am not just saying that to come across as a "nice person", that is genuinely not me.

  • Last resort self defence, anything else is unforgivable

    I've been raised never to strike a women, and in 99% of circumstances even in an arguement i never would. However there is a scenario where if i was faced with a potentially fatal circumstance then the human instinct for survival means i would do whatever it takes to survive and yes in that scenario that means hitting a women.

    Just to further add and admitting possibly one of the darkest points in my life, i did once hit a women when drunk, i don't know the circumstances surrounding it, nor do I remember it, but having been told about it, still to this day i feel nothing else other than guilt and remorse over the incident, and if i could turn back time i would, because that wasn't how i was raised.

  • Hell Yeah i woud

    I don't give a damn whether you're male or female or alien or dog or diety or anything else. If you give me a reason to hit you than you earned it, and therefore you'll get hit. Just cause you got a whole instead of a stick doesn't give you the right to be an ignorant A-hole and not have consequences.

  • Self Defense is the only reason for it.

    It's obvious in the statement, if a woman is getting physical she has crossed a line, a die hard gentleman will ...Well die and not hit a woman but feminist extremist have taken it far in the past few decades. If I were to get ina man's face like some woman do, it would be a fight end of story. But not so for females. Still, I say self defense because of court, there you can proove if you are smart it was self defense.

    If she is endangering you or your friends, or if she hit your private parts...Then is equality at its finest.

    Posted by: N711
  • No, I would not and I have not

    I have never hit a woman and have no intention of doing so. We are all, to some degree, a product of our upbringing and I was taught that an honorable man does not hit a woman. It may sound sexist to some but I was taught that it was important to respect women. Perhaps I'm old fashioned; I open doors for ladies and I would certainly never find it appropriate to strike a lady.

    I view men and women as equal, yet different. Male and female bodies are different and a typical adult male can have an unfair strength advantage over a typical adult female in a physical conflict. I do make a distinction but it is out of respect and fairness. It has nothing to do with feeling sorry for women or viewing them as inferior to men. If someone is offended by this you have my apologies. I see value in showing women the same respect that I would show for my Mother, so much so that I have done my best to pass that on to my son.

  • Isn't the better actin violently

    There is not reason for hit a woman or any other person.Respect in all aspecto of the life must be the princial value. Violence againts woman is not allowed. We shoul consider aothers solutions in order to have a better communication and a better solution to the differents conflicts. This is my opinion and I'm so sorry for myt terrible english.

  • Never hit a girl

    There is a rule that I was taught when I was growing up, and it is this: never hit a girl. That is a good rule. It is completely ridiculous for a male to have to hit a girl in order to get her to stop attacking you, if that is what is happening. Even if she had a knife or gun, the appropriate response would be to take the knife or gun away and then call the police. A male should never have a reason to hit a female. It seems to me that any male who hits a woman must have problems with his own masculinity. Hitting a woman is an incredibly wimpy thing to do.

    Posted by: cs2
  • Both respect and feeling sorry for women!

    I respect women because they have to take on more issues than us males and I couldn't cope with many of those issues.
    Some can turn their liabilities into assets and wield great power, but such women are few.
    I feel pity for many women I've known, that had been used and abused because of their liabilities (breasts, vagina and womb) that made them targets for men that either wanted a sex toy or breeding stock, the sex toys get cast aside when other toys come along and the breeding stock has to put up with their man seeking sex toys, while they tend to the children.
    When I was younger and a violent teen, I would have hit anybody that got in my way, regardless of gender, though thankfully no women bothered to get in my way.
    Now that I have mellowed, I really couldn't bring myself to strike a woman.
    Besides, I'd have nothing to gain from doing so, even when I was confronted by a violent drunk woman, which I had been in the past, I simply slipped away and left her to sort out her own anger management and drinking issues.

    No, I couldn't cope with being a woman.
    We males appear to get off light.

  • Two-part question has two answers

    No, I have never hit a woman, nor do I ever plan to. The mere thought of it is abhorrant to me. Even when an abusive girlfriend scuffed me up a few times, I held back because I didn't feel my life was in danger.

    However, If I had no other choice, then yes, I would do what I had to to stay alive or avoid serious injury.

    People who say that women can't do serious damage to men are delusional. With the element of surprise or with martial arts training (used improperly) a woman can badly injure a man or kill him if she really wants to, even with just her hands and feet. And if you bring a weapon into the equation, men have almost no advantage over women in a fight. Life is not some Burt Lancaster movie out of the 1950's. Get with reality.

  • I havent and I dont intend to.

    I have never hit a woman in any serious manner and hope that I never would but I do recognise that there are situations in which I would. I feel on the one hand that women are more often than not less physically durable than men and that makes it unfair for men to get physically violent with them. It is the same idea as hitting a kid they just arent as able to defend themselves.

    That being said there are certain circumstances in which I would feel justified hitting a women. I have known a few women in my life time that will behave really deplorably because they know that men are not supposed to hit women and have hid behind that. If a women takes things to far (and I would set the bar much farther for a woman) I think they shouldnt expect any kind of special treatment.

  • I have never

    I am a woman. I don't think it's acceptable to hit anybody, man or woman, unless it's in self defense. I support equal rights and the elimination of double standards for men and women, and support equal punishment and protection for men and women, but that doesn't make it acceptable to hit people. It's not OK for a woman to hit a man.

  • I would never hit a woman, if I were a man.

    I feel like if the shoe was on the other foot, men would whine, cry, and complain. For example, when women get sick, we mostly power through it and still take care of the house, kids, and work. When men get sick, though, the world comes crashing down and they can't seem to do anything. They act as if they only have hours more to live while they're ill. If a woman were to abuse the man, I don't think they would act the same. Women mostly keep their mouths shut and take the abuse, thinking maybe she can change her man. "He is nice too, people just don't see it." "It was only a few times." It's no big deal to them. But, in reality, it can really hurt not only the woman, but the children. They could grow up thinking that abuse is normal and okay. That being said, abuse of a man or woman is bad and can teach the future people that bad things such as abuse is alright and that can make crime rates grow, or worse. One of those children could grow up and become a president, then become Hitler-esque and make laws that put down men or women. It's a cycle of events.

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Do Transgendered people count?
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Just to clarify for the title, your 'real men' wont hit a 'real woman.' This poll quickly went to self defense because that is the only time that we would actually hit a woman because that how society brought us up. Many of us wont hit any person outside of self defense because that is a difficult action to justify, but if my well-being is threatened, you can be sure, I can reevaluate my stance on equality.