• Yes! Of course

    Why not? If you can AFFORD to help a homeless person (give food, donate money, blankets, etc..) then do it. There's always opportunities to do good deeds, and doing one will make you FEEL like a better person and help the homeless. If you HONESTLY cannot afford to give anything at all, and your family is ALREADY on a tight budget then don't, but just remember that there's always someone worse off than you are. But honestly I can't even think of any reasons for no. Lol

  • Drink Some Booze

    So if there was a homeless man walking around my house, I would definitely help him out a bit. I happen to be a connoisseur of beer and wine, and I would allow him to try some out. I think drinking with another man will instantly make him friends with you. That is why I help homeless people. To become friends with them and have a little drink. If I was homeless, I would want someone to invite me in for a drink. We could even listen to music together.

  • YES I would cause I know how that must feel

    I would help them because I would want help too if I was homeless, if we help then we can save their lives, we can make a difference, it doesn't matter what you give them, money, food, clothes, or even just a little wave and smile it will make a difference. Helping will help us too, I helped a homeless person last week and you know what I felt, I felt happy, free, knowing that I helped someone, knowing I kepth them believing in hope that their will be change, but change will only come if people make it happen, so yes I will always help a homeless person...:)

  • They are people too!

    My heart breaks at all the homeless people I see in my city! Why one becomes homeless is not my concern, For everyone will have a different set of circumstances. If I am able and feel clear about giving a dollar or two I will. Usually, If I am at a stop light and a homeless person is walking along side the cars, I will look away and not make eye contact. I feel ashamed and sad. Yesterday, As I encountered this situation for the hundredth time I did not look away. I gave him a little wave and a smile. (I was so unclear if this was appropriate) To my AMAZEMENT, He waved and as he smiled back, A light came on in his eyes! It was an "I see you moment" Two people embracing the fact that we are all one on this universal planet of ours. I will now pass out more waves and smiles when I cannot pass out money. Life lesson learned!

  • Yes homeless people should be helped

    Homeless people are poor and they don't have much stuff to live with so yes i would help a homeless person if i saw them on the street asking for money or food because you never know if you don't give them food they might starve to death and fall in the middle of the street and block the way for cars to come by

  • No no no

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