• I Would Help an Injured Stranger

    Yes, I would help an injured stranger and in fact have done so on a couple of occasions. Whether or not I know a person does not determine whether or not I can and will help them. The world is a much better place when we all decide to help those in need.

  • Everybody has the right to their health

    Many injuries are severely worsened by mentally being alone... Therefore, whether the injury is big or small, life threatening or not, self inflicted or not. Many will survive or get the necessary care simply by having someone there. Also being nationally certified to perform first aid, my personal integrity would not allow me to pass up the opportunity to save a life.

  • Only if they are white.

    I would never help a black person. Those stupid monkeys ruin America.
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  • Hell fucking no (Especially if he/her is black)

    Why the fuck would i do that, how do i know if he is injured because of gang violence or some shit. If i don't know him then i don't give a shit about him. The most i would is call the cops on his/her ugly ass for suspicion. He/her got himself injured nobody hurt him/her for no reason. #trump supporter #something trump would say #trump for president #white supremacy #blacklivesdon'tmatter, #banallcolored peoplefromAmerica

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