• Would I? Yes. Should everyone? No.

    I agree with the post by anonymous. The choice should be left to each family. Homeschooling is not for everyone. The public school system keeps failing again and again. Homeschooling has the potential of making it possible to achieve a higher quality education. Homeschooling does not mean the children will be secluded from world, it doesn't mean the kids will have no friends, it doesn't mean the children will be socially inept. Its doesn't mean the children will have separation anxiety from their parents. Nor does it mean the children will be brainwashed by the parents.

    My case study would be myself. In the third grade I was attending the public school, where the teachers were letting me fall farther and farther behind the level of the rest of the class, so my parents took me out and started homeschooling me. The teacher told my parents and I that they would miss me and hoped I would come back once I had caught up. Well I caught up all right but instead of returning to the public school system that let me fall behind in the first place I continued doing home school until I enrolled in college and have since transferred to a university. I have had no problem functioning in society or cooperating in team projects at school or work. I've always had good friends. My parents encouraged studying diverse subjects and opinions. My family chose to incorporate religion as a subject matter but they didn't brainwash their religion in me either. I was allowed to visit multiple denominations other than my own multiple times. My political and religious persuasions are that of my own decisions.

    My wife ( who is a public school graduate) and I intend on providing a well rounded and high quality education to our children at home.

    To further validate my opinion here is a supporting article: http://www.Deseretnews.Com/article/865589852/Home-school-students-do-well-first-time-in-college.Html

  • Yes kids should be home schooled

    It should be up to the parents and kids as to whether or not your child is home schooled. The parents and the kids know whether they learn better in groups or individually. They should be the ones to decide. After all, no one knows better then the child's parents!

  • No! No! No!

    School teaches us many things, more than just curriculum. It teaches us how to deal with people who we may not agree with. In college and in jobs you have to get up on time, deal with many people you may not like and handle a lot of work. As stressful as it is school helps us do that everyday.

  • No. If I did have a child

    I'd want them to have friends. Independence! Going to school will make them more independent if they were taught by a parent and stuck at home they would probably have horrible separation anxiety as an adult and not want to leave the nest. Sure there's the matter of getting bullied, but who wasn't bullied as a kid? I was and I turned out okay.

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