Would you hypothetically mind, if you'd been aborted?

Asked by: schachdame
  • Hypothetically yes, realistically no

    Realistically if I never existed I couldn't mind anything. But pretending for a second that having been aborted and never existed that I could somehow mind things and would do so somehow from the same point of view I have now yes I would mind. I like being alive.

    Still am pro-choice though. This question is like asking if hypothetically my parents had never met each other or had decided to use birth control or a condom instead of having a child whether or not I would've minded. If you are trying to argue that because I would mind had I been aborted that I should be anti-abortion then to be consistent you'd have to argue that I should be in favor of everyone constantly having unprotected heterosexual sex with everyone they meet just for the sake of any potential future persons who wouldn't exist otherwise.

  • I think so

    If we are karmic entities floating through a multiverse, the possibility that I was somehow miraculously conceived and then unmiraculously discarded is somewhat unnerving. Maybe births are common in the multiverse, but Earth is not such a bad place and I would feel like I was missing out on something if I did not exist here (or indeed anywhere). So I would mind, not in the sense that I was wronged, but in the sense I didn't get something good.

  • I would definitely mind!

    This isn't about abortion, it's a question about whether I would mind if I had been aborted. Obviously, at the time, a baby doesn't know what the heck is going on, but since it's asking ME if I would mind if I was aborted then I'm going to say yes!!!!! I love my life, and am happy to be alive, so I would most definitely mind if I had been aborted. I mean really, if we invented time travel or something and my mom said - "hey, I'm gonna go back and abort you" YES I WOULD MIND!

  • I would rather have not been born.

    Some of us, like myself, who have had painful and difficult lives wake up every morning wishing that we had died in our sleep. Furthermore, being alive and sentient means that one has to grapple with the fear of mortality as well as the sickness, decrepitude and pain associated with death. If I had been aborted, then I would have been mercifully spared this misery. I hope do hope this point of view, however, is uncommon.

  • I can live with never existing

    I do enjoy living. But I don't feel like it would be much of a loss for me if I never existed. So if my mother had chosen to abort me, I don't feel like being murdered. It feels much more like never brought into existences, which is kinda fine. Would not make the world that much different and neither worse nor better. And I respect my mothers and fathers choices. Giving me away would have also made me a different person. I would not be me if they had any other choice than the ones they made.

  • It'd Be Better

    Besides. I'm done with life atm. Being born a christian is difficult. I'd rather have been aborted and earned a one way ticket than going through all this crap and not even know where im headed. So tbh, I wish I was aborted than forcefully live in a world where my mentality and conscious won't leave me the hell alone.

  • No, I Wouldn't

    Assuming that my mother was determined to get an abortion, odds are that the hypothetical life I would have had in that alternate timeline would not have been the same life that I do have. It may have been a much harsher one than the one that I have lived. No telling what the circumstances of my birth would have been in that other instance or what the ramifications would have been for me. Abortion may have been the kindest option, for my mother and me.

  • Not enough words

    To say how silly this question is. Unfortunately, I have to use fifty words to say what I could in just eleven words. The answer is plain as day to those with the least bit of logic or sense. If I was aborted, I would not know I even existed.

  • To put it simply...

    It wasn't MY choice to be born. It was my birth-givers (I've come to hate her). If she would have wanted me aborted and could afford it then she should have. I wouldn't have minded being aborted because I wouldn't have cared. I think it's perfectly fine if a woman wanted an abortion because of not wanting the child but that opinion seems to be looked down on very often.

  • Philosophically I can't actually say whether I would or wouldn't mind.

    If I had never been born then I wouldn't really understand what it would've meant to be alive until I was already alive. Therefore, asking if I would hypothetically mind being aborted is completely different than asking hypothetically if I would mind being murdered, because if you asked me if I would mind being murdered I would answer with a resound, "Yes I would mind, please don't kill me" since I already understand what it means to be alive

  • No i would not

    Mostly because in reality i wouldn't have known that i was ever "alive" in the first place. Most women go through abortion because they are not ready, they cannot take care of the child, or they don't want to bring it into the world. At the end of the day it is the mothers decision. It is her body. I would not mind because if i was born i would either be not loved, or shipped off to a ,probably bad, foster home.

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