• Is Alibaba a third front to e-commerce?

    The e-commerce industry is now being dominated by Amazon and ebay in the United States. Alibaba can give the users an option by tightening the competition and making it flexible and better to select where to buy their product online. Given the fact that this company has dominated the Chinese market will surely make it a good option in the States.

  • no i wouldnt

    I do not have the extra money to invest in any thing right now, and I wouldnt invest in Alibaba if I did. I don't even know what that is. I honestly don't know what I would invest money into if I did have the extra cash to do so at this exact moment in time.

  • Too Much Risk of the Unknown

    It is easy to look at the positives of Alibaba. Huge numbers, impressive margins and a massive and untapped market in China. It is also easy to remember Bre-X, Sino Forest, and the fact that no one really knows if information from the Chinese marketplace is accurate or not. The possible interference over the coming years of the Chinese government is also very discouraging as an investor.

  • Investing in Alibaba

    No I do not think that I would invest in Alibaba. First of all I do not know that much about investing in things how to do it or where. Secondly I know nothing about this Alibaba company or website what ever it is and thirdly I do not have any money to spare on investing.

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