• I would definitely judge a book by its cover.

    The majority of people say the good old line of "Don't Judge a book by its cover." I really don't see how you can't judge a book by the cover. I mean I for one don't like romantic books. If I see a book with 2 people kissing on the front with a heart around them, I have to judge the book by it's cover to know that it's not for me. I don't just sit there and read the whole thing to know if I want to buy it or not. Well that's my 2 cents worth. Thank you and God bless.

  • Books, video games, movies, yes.

    Media can easily be judged by the cover (the cover is always referred to as any outside information on the cover of the book). That would include the excerpt and the summary on the back.

    You SHOULD judge a book, movie, video game, by the summary, the genre it is, and any other information it gives to grab your attention. The alternative is to read, play, and watch absolutely everything that you hear or see. You would have to wade through a whole lot of S*** if that were the case.

    If there are certain gems, certain fantastic products that you missed, there is a VERY high chance you will hear about it from other people, and will be in the position to revisit it or not.

  • Yes, most definitely.

    Book covers are designed to grab the attention of the people who they feel most are most likely to read it. Therefore, if I do only judge books by their covers, odds are I will find books suited to my interests and my maturity levels. If I bother looking through every book, I could spend hours looking through books at the library.

    If this is talking about people, then I have no response as I am not a very social person.

  • No, it's what's underneath

    I have learned that people that claim to be great, are often not that great. Many people out there, have a secret issue that makes them weird. People are all different. Best to get to know people and learn about them, so you can learn something too. It takes a bit of figuring things out and people out. Just important to be cognizant of things.

    Posted by: bk1
  • Why you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover.

    You shouldn't judge a book by it's cover for various reasons, the main being that it could have a bad cover and a wonderful story, but if you judge a book by it's cover, you're going to miss all those great stories that could have but haven't been read. Same goes with a book with a great cover but terrible story, like per say, Goosebumps. Their cover art is great, but the insides are all trash.

  • You never know what happens inside a person. What are his/her thoughts, inner pains and concerns.

    Sometimes people fall. And most of us tend to say that they are losers. We judge them by their appearance, by what they did. But maybe they turned the wrong way and now want to recover themselves. So why not give them the second chance? The chance to prove that they worthy

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