• I've been through this...yes I would kill it

    A snake snuck into my house a few months ago. I have pets and my daughter was home, so I instantaneously became a mommy warrior. I love animals and normally would do anything to protect it but the snake had entered the perimeter of my home and had to be neutralized. I sprayed it with raid while screaming with fear, while sending my daughter to get a neighbor for help. He picked it up and took it outside for me.

  • I would kill just about anything that tried to kill me instead

    Of course I would kill a snake to save myself from potentially being killed by it. I would probably kill another human being if I knew he or she was about to kill me instead. This is called self defense, and it is a right most countries give their citizens.

  • When it Comes to Saving Your Life or that of a Snake Chose Yourself

    I know that some would say they would never kill another living creature, but if it comes down to saving your own life than the snake should be sacrifaced. The only time I could see such a thing being up for debate if it comes down to you or another human being. That is another scenario all together.

  • Why wouldn't you?

    I would kill a snake to save myself, my family, my children, my friends, heck I would do it save my dog or cat. Nothing against snakes but if it's them or me that's an easy decision. It would be scary to try to kill a snake, but first things first.

  • What the world!

    Are you saying, that you would rather die than kill a snake? I agree, if all the snakes died then mice would increase in numbers some, but there are other predators! And there are animals that kill snakes to eat too! So one snake, for one person will not have an impact! And no, snakes lives are not as significant as humans! If you say they are, i would like to ask you, how many snakes would you save instead of one of your closest friends or family? This is ludicrous! One stupid snake for your own life?

  • Why would you?

    Snakes are part of nature. Would you kill a cut cat. I bet your answer is no. Snakes eat mice. Mice are nature, but they are also pests. The snakes are doing us a favor. If every snake was trying to bite someone and everyone was to kill it, then the whole food chain would break down. That means there would be more mice that take over more space. P.S I am 11 years old please challenge me.

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