• We have to kill adolf

    If we kill hitler now we can stop god emperor trump from being born. I am from the future and where i come from america is turmoil because of donald trump. He has enslaved all of our immigrants and has single handly ruined our country. Please go back and do the right thing. For americaaaaaaa

  • I'd encourage Hitler to be successful out of politics.

    If I could time travel to kill Hitler I could certainly have the means to get wealthy. Then I'd just buy his paintings which would give him an incentive to get out of politics. Maybe I'd encourage him to write sci-fi stories about his 'ideal' society and emigrate to the US. Lots of white supremacists in America who would love to read stories about the "Iron Swastika". Sci-fi reading boys in the 30's tended to be rather fascistic. I could imagine he'd be a hit at a bookstore signing or sci-fi convention.

  • It's the "right thing" to do, but...

    Realistically we can't say we'd have the balls to do it. Military troops have to train for long periods of time to learn to kill people, and they still suffer PTSD. Not to mention, as soon as we say nothing that this changes could be worse than the holocaust, we assume that we know what was better than everything else. As soon as we take it into our hands to decide that history could have been better, and act with knowledge that could make it so, we may actually only make it worse. We have no way of knowing the consequences.

  • Timeline Must Remain Intact

    The risks of going back and killing Adolf Hitler before the holocaust would be far too great to take on. If I did, it would change the entire timeline of the 20th and 21st centuries, and it could quite possibly result in a paradox. And if a paradox formed, the results could be catastrophic.

  • It would change the course of humanity.

    If I had the opportunity to kill Hitler before he got the chance to kill millions of people, I wouldn't. If everything he did never happened, what would that mean for the people of modern and future times? Would we suffer a worse fate now or in the future? Would certain people not be born? We can't tell for sure, we can only assume what possibilities there would be and it is that uncertainty that makes me not want to kill Hitler before he got to do what he did.

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