Would you kill yourself to save 100 sixty-year-olds?

Asked by: AriDiallo
  • Its conditional. Depends on the person, and many other reasons a person might act for.

    What reasons and conditions do you consider? Are you healthier or have more to live for than these group of people? How valuable is your life? Are you young and ready to have children, or are you sick with a chronic illness? We all have our own lives and reasons for choosing what we will do.

    To get at a universal reason or life condition in the subjective and unique lives of everyone is impossible. Each person can justify why they would or wouldn't do, because choice is conditional.

    Without all these considerations would the choice be different? Would you make this choice in the blink of an eye?

    And when is this question even realistic? When would sacrificing yourself give life to another group of people?

  • I Would If It Helped Them.

    I love most people and I would gladly die if it saved them because 100 lives are more important than 1. It would be better in my opinion to die for an unselfish reason than a selfish one. I would die for them because my savior died for me and I take that very seriously.

  • What Can You Live With?

    Numbers. I have a whole life ahead of me, and I want to live it. However, every life in precious. Even taking off the fact that the combined years of all those people would far outweigh my own what with current life expectancy, I'm one person. One family, one future, one good set of friends. 100 people. 100 families, 100 loves, 100 futures, 100 sets of friends. How could I ever live with myself knowing I had the opportunity to save all those people, stop all that mourning, and didn't? I'll not buy my own life at the cost of 100 others.

    Posted by: Maia
  • As long as they had lead a good life

    I would kill myself to save one person, providing that they had not murdered, made terrorist attacks etc. Life wouldn't be the same for me if I was living because of someone else's death, I would feel like everything I do is because of them. As long as someone wasn't about to die anyway, no matter how young or old they were, I would die to save them.

  • Yes because they are more important to society

    I am a man on a low skilled job, with no wife or children, and although it would pain me to allow my parents to lose a son, my sacrifice is more important in the long scheme of things than these people. Hundred of of those 60 year olds are likely married and have many children and many grandchildren. They hold more importance to many people than I do.

    I'm glad I don't have to though.

  • Depends on what I am and who they are

    But mostly no. I do not want to sacrifice my life to some random 60 year olds. If I were a policemen or firemen, that is a different story because it's my job but I am a teenager who is important to my group of 110 people. If I die, I don't know how this group would operate without me. Please, I need to live a life, not die for some random 60 year olds on the street.

  • What a strange hypothetical question!

    I don't believe anybody in their right mind, would kill themselves to save 100 sixty year olds. You could be cooly logical and argue they've lived longer than you and have had a fair chance of life, but in reality most 60 year olds are more youthful than,60 year olds from say 30 or 40 years ago. This question needs to be put in to more perspective, before it can be logically argued? As for Leigh-Anna's response, our savior died for all humanity, as they did 'not know what they do', not just 100 sixty year olds!

  • More people die the more lives are freed

    They are simply wading on through the endless journey of life with no knowledge on how to escape. I will help them break free and stop living a lie. My life is more important than theirs for i know the truth about how pointless life is whilst they most likely do not. They are weak and i am strong and the strong will go on to survive for as long as they can whilst the delusional masses slowly die out.

    Life is nothing but the last step before death,
    Before freedom. Before oblivion

  • I'm to egoistic.

    I can honestly say I wouldn't because I find myself to be more important to me than 100 strangers, even if they were younger than me. Also I believe that there already to many humans on this planet, so some of them dying would also have it's benefits.
    Now before anybody starts flaming me, I just want to tell you that this question isn't as hypothetical as you might think. Most of us can easily save a lots of lives, but not by sacrificing our own lives. Donating some money and probably spending some time to help would be sufficient, but few people do. Just think about that before you start throwing any stones.

  • This question is both objective and relative

    Each and everyone's mind is unique, simply different from others. Everyone would sometimes change their mind upon a statement in several points of their life. Today a person who wins a lottery would say no to that, but in 15 years he might say the exact opposite because he is 65 years old already and had lost all his money.
    I picked no, meaning i would not answer such question for it is not asking for a debate. It will turn to a lost-of-parameter polling instead.

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TheShamelessTruth says2013-09-03T10:56:09.833
The question says would you, not should you. Only your personal opinion matters when answering, that is the only thing you need to take into account. Nothing else matters when answering this question.