• Yes, statistics show...

    That homosexuals are around 30x more likely to sexually abuse children. Somebody opposed to homosexuality is unlikely to be a homosexual, so is less likely to abuse my kids. Homosexuals are 30x more likely to abuse children, because around 70% of abused children are females, but 99% of abusers are male, and homosexuals are only 1% of the population. So, 30% of all abuses, are committed by 1% of the population, making that 1% 30x more likely to be an abuser.

  • What's a homophobe?

    A little reality check, here. I'm betting that you think anyone who doesn't condone the the gay lifestyle is a hater and a bigot. Well. Guess what. That attitude just goes to show who's really intolerant. Just because I disagree with that lifestyle doesn't make me a bigot. That's like saying someone who thinks that pedophilia is wrong is a pedophobe. Is someone who is against pedophilia a bigot? No. Neither is someone who is against the practice of homosexuality.

  • Yes And Here's Why

    See, I don't support homosexuality. I just don't. But I'm not afraid of it nor do I go to rallies against it or for it. I just don't care. If they wanna live that way, fine but as long as they don't shove their homosexuality in my face, I won't shove my heterosexuality in their face. Homophobic is the fear of homosexuals. Not just a dislike for them. I don't have a dislike. I don't have a hate. I just don't support that lifestyle. There are lots of gay people who you would have NO idea were gay unless they told you. So, yes, I would let them but me saying yes doesn't make me a Bigot as many of you people (anyone, not just homosexuals) like to think.

  • Not at all.

    What happens if your kid is gay, or they act like a gay person? That can lead to so many problems, and I would NOT let someone that likes to shove their opinions down other peoples throats baby sit my children. My (future) children are entitled to their own opinion, no matter what I might say. And if someone wants to sit there and say that being gay is "wrong" and "gross", they can take it to someone who agrees with them. But my kids will have their own opinion about everything, no matter the subject.

  • Yes, last I remembered this was land of the free

    And that would be FREE for BOTH sides of the Pro Gay argument. It's not wrong to be against gay marriage. Calm down.

    I think someone somewhere once said "I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

  • Yes with limitations

    I would not disqualify a person from babysitting based solely on homophoberia. I would ask for references, as for everyone else considered. I would ask for pricing schedules, as for everyone else considered. I would interview them, as for everyone else considered. Finally I would select the best applicant, as for everyone else considered.

  • Yeah, I would

    I definitely support homosexuality and same-sex marriage, but I don't see much reason why I WOULDN'T let a homophobe babysit my children. So long as it was made clear that they were not to bring up or discuss the topic of homosexuality around my children while they're babysitting, I'd let them do their job. I might hold a different set of beliefs than them, but in this case, I don't see much reason to punish them for thinking differently than I. It might be a bit of a different case if they went around protesting homosexuality and gay marriage like some religious zealots do, but that's a different discussion entirely.

  • Is it homophobia or is just disagreeal?

    It's not nice to say things about gay bisexual or effiminete men that are outright mean, however, a person is not bad for having disagreeal with it. I wouldn't want someone who killed gay men in a hate crime babysitting, but I don't mind having someone who disagrees with it, babysit.

  • Yes because it doesn't hinder their ability to get the job done.

    I am a gay female, and I would allow a homophobic person to babysit my child as long they were not rude to me. If I see a person who I think is responsible enough to take care of my child then I will allow them too. It isn't like they are going to go up to my seven year old and say hey "hope you are never gay because that's wrong." It shouldn't even be something that comes up.

  • I don't pick a babysitter

    For her political opinions. I'm picking a babysitter for her ability to care for a baby for a day or two. Since I don't want my baby sitter talking politics with my kids, as that's not her job, it wouldn't bother me what she believed in because she wouldn't be sharing them with my children to began with.

    I'm a person of tolerance... So than why should I act with intolerance towards someone for being a homophobe? And not hire them because I don't like them? That's intolerance.

    Another thing... Do you mean homophobe, or someone who is against Gay Marriage... Those aren't the same thing.

  • No narrow-minded bigot qualifies as a valid role model.

    The vast majority of homophobes are narrow-minded, bigoted morons that have little (if any) valid basis for their irrational fear. They do not belong in a rational home, and should never be allowed any influence over other people's children. Further, the more 'phobic' someone is, the more likely they are to 'convince' others. When those 'others' are my children, I don't want a bigot to be given the opportunity.

  • No, I would not allow a homophobic person to watch my kids.

    I would rather not have my children directly exposed to and influenced by someone who will teach them that homosexuals are sinners for being who they are. My children will be free to be who they are. The world is judgmental enough without allowing someone like that to watch them.

  • Neither them nor racists, sexists, antisemitists,...

    I will not let a bigot babysit my children period. They do not need to be taught hate. And if one of them was GLBT then I wouldn't want them to be made ashamed of that by a babysitter. I would even ask the babysitter about their opinion on gay issues before hiring them.

  • No, but for this reason

    In my experience, homophobes tend to follow strict gender roles. If my son wants to wear a tutu, he will. That doesn't make him gay or a girl. It makes him a boy in a tutu. I don't want ANYONE telling my kid that wearing a tutu is gay or wrong. I don't want my kids to think being gay is wrong. I want them to be happy. Homophobia is filled with too much negativity that I will not allow my children to be affected by.

  • If I had children, I'd want them to be tolerant and accepting.

    I really don't want to shut people out because of what they believe, but I don't trust people with that stuff. In my opinion, you could tell religious/homophobic babysitters to not bring up the topic, but eventually they'd find a way around it and i am not going to let that happen /: I'd only let a homophobic babysit, if it's a trustworthy one who would respect my opinion and one who'd be nice to me and wouldn't bring stuff up like that.

  • Absolutely not, tolerance is justification.

    If you are against homosexuality because of your misguided religion (which also says you shouldn't eat shrimp and can sell your daughter as a slave in the very same section (Leviticus) by the way), then go away and do that. What makes someone who doesn't agree and a homophobe different is that the homophobe feels the need to constantly belittle homosexuals, treat them poorly when met, and tell EVERYONE all about it all the time. A homophobe is like that chick you know who just won't shut up about how many 5K's she ran this month. It's annoying. I'm a mother and I would not want my son exposed to someone who is highly likely to preach about the subject with large amounts of bias and misinformation (see "statistics show @andymcstab on the pro side with NO resource).
    But exposing your child isn't the only reason to deny this kind of person a babysitting job. When you allow people into your life who are terribly bigoted, you are condoning that behavior. I don't associate with people who are racists, for example, because I can't stand the idea of being seen with them when they are spouting their hateful crap. Why? Because other people will think you feel the same way. It's guilt by association. The only way to cure problems like homophobia is to silence the people advocating it, and the best way to silence them is to stop listening.

  • No thank you.

    I wouldn't want someone who I am allowing to have authority over my children to be a bigot. I want my children to be exposed and adapt to adults who hold tolerant views, embracing and excepting everyone as human beings. Why would I want some idiot homophobe having any sort of influence over my children? I refuse to let that happen.

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