Would you let your child play an M-rated war game?

Asked by: Adam2isback
  • Why the hell not?

    There have been many studies that show that violent video games do not affect the behavior of children. Nice children don't become demons, and go on a murder spree because they were some fictional character in a fictional place doing fake things to virtual people in a virtual timeline that never existed. I trust in science and psychology.

  • Why Not ?

    I think that I would let my kids have the freedom to be who they want to be. They can listen to whatever music they want to. They can dress how makes them feel good. If they like video games, go play video games. If it makes them happy, then why not? I mean, obviously I'll make sure they know what they're getting themselves into, but if they like it, then that's fine.

  • Yes i would let my kids

    I would my kids because i myself am a kid that plays violent video games and i haven't ever been on school in trouble because of a fight or aggression,NEVER. People say i am a really calm person and i play a lot. Playing violent video games Isn't bad, if your personality is aggressive it doesn't mean it was the video game who made you aggressive.I agree it can be a waste of time if you play a lot but it doesn't make you aggressive.

  • I would, but it depends on the game.

    I would let my children play whatever game they like : Call of Duty, Battlefield, Resident Evil and all that, but it just depends if a game contains a lot of blood and gore. If the game has enough blood and gore to mess someone up, then no. In addition, I wouldn't also let my children play inappropriate games with you know, nudity and all that. So I'm kinda mixed here.

  • Yes, I think it's fine

    As long as they are not psychopaths, I think it's rather a good idea. The graphics are intruiging and could encourage kids to do computer programming or other related jobs. Any time they get themselves in a big mess, or God forbid they are in a life-death situation, M-rated video games can teach them to defend themselves.

  • They're an exception

    For me video games, much like music, are different from Hollywood productions. It's something you take part in. That being said, M-rated war games are not so bad in my book, since the violence is all about wartime. So the mission is to kill the enemy, so that's not so bad in my book. Same with action games (which are usually rated T, not M, since it's mostly just detective violence).

  • There is no value to allowing it:

    They don't grow, become smarter, gain skill, or function any better as citizens. I do not see the point in doing so and thus would not allow it. This is easier since I myself do not play these types of games so there's no incentive in the home for wanting them anyway.

  • Playing Games? NO!

    I don't think it is fine. According to a study conducted from Stanford University on it, children who play games so much tend to be discouraged critical thinking and evaluative skills. In a way, though people can think that there is no problem with that, the study shows the effect of playing games.

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