Would you like to live in an anarchy? You would fend for your self and have no rules, neither would anyone else.

Asked by: Jellyfysh624
  • Fun? Maybe not. Human progression? Very possibly.

    From the very beginning we, as humans, have progressed slowly unless forced to rapidly change in order to survive. The very idea of evolution stems from the necessity of change, People do not trust other people now, they trust the laws. Do away with laws and I will surely find people worthy of my trust because I will be forced to. Trustworthiness and intuition will move upward in our list of priority which would certainly be a nice thing, eh?

  • It would be better than what we have now.

    We have severe overpopulation in many parts of the world today, and many who people who live by no rules but their own yet go about unpunished by law. In an anarchy it is true there would be no law, but that is also a great way to prevent crime. For example, if you were to murder someone, that persons family or anyone that felt the need for revenge could extract in any way they saw fit. And human vengeance is something to be far more terrified of than the law itself.

  • We Already Do.

    Why is it someone feels safe walking down the street in the middle of the day or sending their kid to school in the morning? It's unspoken trust within humanity. What is stopping someone from murder? Is it the consequence or their own morality? We already do fend for our selves hoping that the family that lives next door doesn't go crazy, when in reality, I think we are all crazy for trusting random people, we don't have a choice. Rules are put down, but do they matter when people constantly disobey them, laws are there to scare us, prevent evil but some people aren't convinced and continue to commit crimes anyways. Even in total anarchy there are rules, a constant duel of morals keeping sanity fueled.

  • Yeah, why not?

    Finally some of us will have more adventure in our lives. I mean everyday, we wake up, do the same thing, again and again. What is the meaning of our lives?
    In anarchy everyone will be busy. Everyday will be completely different, it will be a real survival game.
    Of course there are pros and cons, but I say yes.

  • I'd give it a go.

    All the psychos having free reign would off a lot of people almost immediately, freeing up space for people like me. People who can gimmick armaments and munitions or just loot them from an abandoned gun store. I can gimmick almost anything from anything, so clean water and electricity would be a non-issue. Wait, no taxes, reduced population density... No television, seriously degraded roads, we're looking at a pretty serious technological regression on the level of the Imperium of Man. When the non-renewable resources start to tun out, there would be bands of scavengers and/or raiders.
    In short, things to fight, things to gather, some risks, a base, gimmicks and lost technology...
    Stay tuned for...
    Anarchy: the Roleplaying Game

  • Ha! No way

    I understand the concept of "survival of the fittest", but we need to be real here. I understand everyone has their issues with the laws of the state and federal government, but the whole point of them is to keep order amongst the citizens of the country. Without laws or rules set in place, this country would be a war zone.

  • This is terrible.

    Okay, so in the past survival of the fittest was important. But no, we live today in a world when the handicapped can thrive. And frankly, I don't want to have to live in a world that if I get hurt, everyone won't care. I hope anyone in the other side don't pass down the want for anarchy genes.

    Posted by: Rami
  • The fact is Anarchy cant happen.

    As Aristotle quotes "Men are political animals." We live by rules set for us either by people above us or ourselves. When you are a child your parents set rules. When you are a adult you live by your own rules when you are a parent you set rules for you children. Anarchy is imposable people live by a system. People will have leaders people will have rules this idea of anarchy will never truly happen

  • In no possible world.

    Since I have no intention of living in a society like Somalia, or some such other lawless place, then I have to say that I would not like to live in an anarchist society. No police, no firemen, no employment, no infrastructure, no education, no medicine--that sounds like Hell to me.

  • No way. Never.

    If we were to live in anarchy, without the government we would have nothing with no laws or rules to our community and it will be dangerous. If someone causes a crime or do something bad in the situation, there will be no cops or anyone to capture them and protect the community for safety and without the government, the money will become worthless. We need a government for good economy and our own purposes.

  • A Different Anarchy, Maybe

    Hi, I'm what people call a 'social anarchist'. I believe that government should be localized, but not nonexistent. Anthropological studies show that when people live lives completely lacking of society, their lives are short, unhappy, and brutal. It's just not a good idea, this scenario. And I can tell you damn well that anyone in the yes column would die quick. I would. A lot of people would. Seriously, not a good idea.

  • It would not be fun

    Like really anybody could kill you at any time. You have to be pretty lame if you think this would bring more adventure in your life. Also laws and everything may not be convenient for you but they were put there for a reason to protect you. Also there would be groups of criminals and if you dont know anybody you would be alone and the people who say for more adventure clearly dont have many friends so they would be alone.

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