• Not all homes are forever homes.

    There are all types of homes for all types of situations. Show homes are a good option for some people who only need a temporary home. Not all homes are meant to live in forever. I would consider living in a show home if it fit my situation at the time.

  • No, I wouldn't consider living in a showhome

    A temporary home is built with the purpose to serve as a model to display design, and not with the strength required to withstand the wear and tear associated with being inhabited and lived in. Therefore, I wouldn't trust a temporary showhome to be my abode even if it is on short-term basis.

  • No, I wouldn't want to get used to luxury

    No, I wouldn't live in a showhome. Companies advertise showhomes saying you can live like a king for a limited time, but what is the point? I want some place that is entirely my own and I know it will last. If I were to live in a showhome, I would become accustomed to living in luxury and it would make it difficult to go back to a permanent, less lavish home.

  • No showhome for me

    No I would not live in a showhome even if it is a temporary home. I have two children and that kind of inconsistency would not be good for them. I also do not like the aspects of not getting to decorate with photos or always being worried about messing something up.

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Formerland1 says2014-08-18T20:50:10.667
Would I move to another show home when its done ?