Would you live in a world without beauty and makeup?

Asked by: HariboLover
  • Yes I would

    Makeup and beauty puts a lot of pressure on people, speciafically younger women and girls, these days. If the concepts of makeup and beauty were eliminated, so would societies pressure on females to look a certain way. You guys have probably heard all those stories about girls starving themselves and that.

  • I don't see why not?

    Though there is nothing wrong with wanting to look attractive, I can't think of any reason not to, and it would better motivate people to judge on personality rather than appearance. In fact, I think I would even find it preferable to the hyper-sexualized, vain, narcissistic society we currently have.

  • For the good of humanity:

    Humans do better, no, their very best, in environments which cater to them feeling excellent and beauty standards tend to contradict this with more and more complex notions of false beauty being the norm if not sold as perfection itself. As we exit as a species the limitations of our own physical skin is there anything good to await us at the end?

    The world would be much better off without the urge to wear facepaint at least.

  • Yes, I would be very happy to live in a world without beauty and makeup.

    Some of you may argue with me but my reason for you is that I think that without all these artificial concealers the world would accept you for you. This might not make sense but what I'm trying to say is that many people wear makeup to hide their flaws. If everyone had some kind of flaw, wouldn't everyone have something in common? Sometimes some families do not have money or the advantage. For example, makeup varies, and so does the price. It is becoming more and more expensive to buy such products without the right amount of wages each month. We have other bills to pay; food, day-to-day clothing, shelter. In other words, some people just spend their money for makeup like water. Countless beauty products sit on their vanity-table. Now I am no professional on makeup but I do know that some of you spend your money/use makeup wisely. Good for you. But that's not the point, have you ever thought about what you would spend your money on if you weren't buying consecutive amounts of makeup. Furthermore, some families or individuals do not have the advantage, this could be religiously or morally.

    What I really want is say is that society and the world would be VERY different without beauty and makeup. These are just a few ideas at the top of my head. What do you think?

  • Things would probably be better without it...

    If there was no makeup, concealers, judgement, etc. the world would be such a better place. Do you know how many kids starve themselves, commit suicide and harm themselves? All because they're not confident in themselves. (I am not saying ALL kids who do those things are only based on looks, but a lot of them do!) Look, sure, there probably would still be judgement on NATURAL beauty...But these days, 'Natural beauty' is based on how much makeup you can splash on your face and make it LOOK natural. Kids and people who suffer from terrible things like acne, which I have myself, scars, and other things people, yes, other people, make them believe is ugly. Have you ever heard the phrase "words create ACTUAL pain."?! It's an actual thing! Without makeup and the worlds version of beauty today, things would probably be more stable. Emotional wise, I mean. Beauty is something like nature, well, it used to be. The dictionary definition of "Beauty" all revolves around looks and appearance. Children, Adults and people of many ages have to suffer, while others prance around with several pounds of make up on their face. Honestly, what kind of society is this? It's sad that everything revolves around looks now....It's really sad.


  • Different Standards of Beauty

    I wear makeup. I feel insecure without makeup. But I feel like if there was no such thing as makeup, I wouldn't have anything to compare myself to, and I would feel better about myself. And yeah, I know I need like fifteen more words but that's all I have to say.

  • I would YES

    Age gracefully. The older we get the more expensive makeup products get. Reduce fine lines, lifting of skin, etc and on top of that chemicals to produce instant results!,, Embracing what's coming will make one happier thereby showing it on face! Let me tell you!!
    That's beauty no product can claim to produce!!!!!!

  • It is Human to try to look your best.

    It is totally okay with wearing make-up and to look great it is absolutely normal. Ever since Humanity we want to look our best, and early in our history females and males would use it to attract others, even other animals do it. A female peacock for example spreads it's feathers to attract males. It is also great to make yourself look clean and healthy instead of dirty and grubby, we want to look our best for very special occasions such as weddings and even in funerals because you want to show respect to the one that past by taking effort to apply make-up to show how important it is to you.

  • I would probably not

    This is really stupid. Like it or not, looking nice is an important thing, not just in humans. Animals use appearence to help judge a possible mating partner. While humans have evolved beyond that point, you can't just remove a concept on a whim.

    I'll say it again, beauty is an important concept.

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Bellatrix1 says2014-11-15T15:58:16.537
Those are two different points though. A world without beauty would suck but a world without makeup and fake beauty seems nice. Beauty is everywhere, not just on painted girls so I really don't know how to answer this question
Theunkown says2014-11-15T17:16:35.750
Same here Bellatrix. I dont know whether to say yes or no