Would you live through the Bonnie and Clyde biography if you could?

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  • An awful time

    There was nothing glamorous about the whole Bonnie and Clyde saga, and I would definitely not like to live through that entire thing. Bonnie and Clyde also lived through an awful time in American history (The Depression, Dust Bowl Era), so, regardless of the outlaw and bank robbing thing, it would still be awful.

  • No. I would not live through the Bonnie and Clyde biography if I could.

    No. I would not live through the Bonnie and Clyde biography if I could, because Bonnie and Clyde were hardcore criminals of the worst kind who lived an extremely immoral life, and died an even worse death. It would be unfathomable to think someone would want to live through their life story.

  • They arose because of horrific social circumstances

    I cannot image anybody that would want to live through such a biography, either as Bonnie and Clyde themselves or in the background. The entire background of their escapades was a horrific social climate where poverty and corruption were rampant. While it might seem romantic, these were two people that were simply reacting to a very dark social climate. I would never want to live through such a thing, no matter how awesome it might seem.

  • Bonnie and Clyde Were Evil People

    Bonnie and Clyde were evil, pure and simple. I wouldn't even watch or read a Bonnie and Clyde biography because of the dastardly and despicable things they did to innocent people. Their crime spree and murderous rampages were finally brought to an end after several months on the run. They took advantage of horrible circumstances during the Great Depression and perpetuated violence in one of the darkest chapters of that time period.

  • A Dangerous Game

    I would not live through the Bonnie and Clyde biography if I was given the opportunity. We all know how their lives ended and it is not at all pleasant. I believe it would be an adventure, but maybe it would make a better game, rather than trying to actually live through it.

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