• Ofc yes! Obese = more to love

    I am obese and ofc i would marry an obese girl. Yoh can be obese and happy. I am psysically atracted in extreme fat woman so the only way to be happy is to marry an obese girl. Also obese people because of low sociality have strong personality and a big heart to love

  • It's no matter of principle

    One does not marry someone because of how physically attractive they are, or because of how intelligent they are, or how much money they make, or even how much they care about you. Beauty will fade, smarts will dissapoint, money will disappear, and what matters is you care about them, not just them about you. Marriage is about unity in love. And I could most certaintely love a fat man. Maybe he would be a good cook.

  • Looks aren't everything

    I myself and not skinny but I believe a relationship should be based on personalty vs body shape and size. If you have a ugly personality how beautiful can you really be? Love is important and it makes the world a nicer place. Love others and you will get love in return.

  • Personality over looks

    While looks hold some importance, a good personality can be rather hard to find. As long as they are comfortable with their image, why should I be the one to judge them on their weight? At the end of the day, weight can always be lost. A person should be judged on their soul, not the flesh surrounding it.

  • If I found the person attractive

    Sometimes fat can be a turn on. Mutual sexual attraction is key to a good marriage so for people who aren't attracted to that I can see why you wouldn't get married to one. Although I don't think fat is always attractive. Sometimes it's sexually attractive on someone, sometime's it's not. To each his own.

  • Don't see why not

    The thing is that at the end of the day I have never up to this point found an obese person attractive, but from past experience I have come to know that my major point of interest is the personality. I have known many regular people with no outstanding signs of beauty but as I came to know them I fell in love with who they were not what they looked like. I don't seen why that can't happen with someone who is obese. If I truly loved that person then yes I would.

  • Why wouldn't I?

    Their weakness, is apparent because it triggers changes in their external body. Therefore, it puts them at a vulnerable platform for criticism. It just so happens that many of our weaknesses are able to be hidden behind close doors. So, why shun them, instead, help them, or love them as they are. Their obesity, does not make them any less of a person. Your character, values, principles, is what gives you worth or lack off.

    Posted by: adlt
  • Negatives outweigh benefits

    Haha, see what I did there in the title? Anyways, you have to pay more for food, you can't buy furniture without checking weight limits, sex would suck, your children may be embarrassed of his/her mother/father, I'd constantly have to live in fear of my husband getting a heart attack or stroke, etc. Etc. And it's just plain unattractive, in my opinion to degrade yourself to always feeling tired and sick. I don't want to marry someone with that little worth. A great personality does not beat all of this.

  • Obesity is often a choice.

    Although I understand that some individuals have health conditions that preclude them from exercising or make it very difficult for them to maintain a 'healthy' weight no matter what they do, for the majority who are obese it is a choice to remain obese. Being obese signals to me that an individual places little importance on their health and/or appearance and lacks the discipline/self-control to manage their weight. As a person who loves sports, my significant other would have to share the same interests and hobbies - those which an obese individual may find difficult to partake in.

  • Regardless of whether it's the 'right' position, I find obesity unattractive.

    Whilst one probably could make the argument that my sexual preferences are discriminatory and the product of being raised in a kyriarchal, discriminatory society, they nonetheless exist. Mutual attraction and a decent sex life aren't sufficient for a good marriage, but their absence clearly makes it much harder for at least one partner to achieve happiness. For obvious reasons, I'm not about to enter into a marriage which doesn't make me happy.

  • I can't imagine being happy.

    I can see the personality argument for someone who is conventionally unattractive because they are chubby or even on the fat side. I have truly liked men who I did not find attractive when I saw them. But obese? Hell no. That shit is a choice, and it's gross. Obese people lack energy, mobility, and they're at risk of deadly health problems. How could they help raise a family like that? I would not financially support the food and more importantly medical costs of an obese significant other.

  • Not attractive and not healthy.

    I am physically not attracted to an obese man who is already unhealthy or on his way to become unhealthy. I try my very best to eat clean and also work out every day. I would also want my partner to do the same. It is important to me that we try to keep ourselves healthy as much as we can. Plus, I do not want to get into a relationship where I do not feel attraction towards my partner.

  • It's not natural

    As a heterosexual woman my partner would be a male. To me, there is absolutely no reason for any man to be fat. Men have the benefit of testosterone and increased muscle mass to help combat fat and increase calorie burn thereby making exercise more efficient. In my mind a fat man is a man who just does not engage in any physical activity beyond essential activities of daily living.

    A fat man has an increased amount of estrogen which gives him a more feminine demeanor and curves which I do not find attractive.

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