Would you move to a foreign country if you won the lottery?

  • In a years time I would

    I've had plans of moving to Japan (I am working on my language and want to go to school over there) Honestly if I end up loving it I would stay there to work and start a family. The US is not the same as what it was back in the day

  • At the blink of an eye!

    I would first move to throw off attention, then eventually move for good, visiting every now and then. I live in US now, but I would move to another country not sure which one after I win I'll make up my mind then. The inequality and political policy, taxes, insurance is killing me. People don't retire on time and college grads can't find dependable work, penalties for not having health care, to many feminist movement. So yes at the blink of an eye id move shanegrala is real I'll find it someday

  • This country is boring

    If I won the lottery I would immediately buy a house or cottage somewhere Germany. I don't dislike my country but in terms of sights, history and art Europe is way more interesting than the US and the people seem to be more direct and too the point in places like Germany which I admire plus I lived in Romania for three years when I was a kid and visited Hungary so I have always had an obsession with going back and seeing the rest of Europe.

  • I would move within the US.

    If I won the lottery I would move somewhere within the United States, I would not move to a foreign country only because all of my family is in the United States and I would not want to be so far away from them. If it weren't for my family I would gladly move to Australia.

  • I'd move in a heartbeat

    I live in the United States currently. There are other places in the world that are more conducive to welathier individuals. I don't have a specific country in mind; there are a handful to choose from. However, life would be easier without as many taxes plus cheaper living costs. There are places, as well, that respect individual privacy better than the United States currently does.

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