• I would love to

    That would be so exciting. I would love to get a job in another country. The only thing is which country? Saudi Arabia? No thank you. North Korea? Definitely NOT. Russia? I'm leaning towards no but if the job was good enough I could. Some place in Europe, Japan, S. Korea, the Pacific, or S. Or Central America or the Caribbean would be great. Even Africa if the conditions in the country in question were acceptable.

  • Yes, I would move to another country for a job.

    Leaving home is a hard thing to do. One must cut the ties of friends and family, comfort and familiarity. I would certainly be willing to do take that difficult step for a job in another country. The only qualifier is: which country. If it was a country that intrigued me, I'd be happy to move for a job.

  • Yes, I would move to another country for a job.

    Yes, I would move to another country for a job because it would give me the chance to explore a different part of the world. I am an adventurous person and would love the opportunity to travel while working abroad. It would allow me to experience a new culture and way of life. I look forward to meeting new friends, trying new foods and visiting new places while working in another country.

  • I would be willing to move.

    Unemployment in first world countries is becoming more common as the years go by, so if a job opportunity were to present itself in another country, I believe that's a risk worth taking. Also, moving overseas comes with the added perks of being able to expand one's knowledge of the world and being able to explore different avenues in your life.

  • I would not relocate to another country for a job.

    Personally I am very settled in my home and home state, and I would not consider moving to another country for a job. I believe that with the many technologies available today, most jobs can be accomplished remotely, and therefore would eliminate the need to uproot my family and move to a foreign country.

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