• Oregon offers the best quality of life as far as determining your life

    I think Oregon is the best state to live in to ensure that you can make your own decisions politically, and about your own life. I do not currently live in Oregon but have been contemplating it. I hope the religious right, muslim extremists, and other religious nut cases ignore this state so it's autonomy is preserved.

  • Yes I would more to Oregon to improve my quality of life

    If I were in the position of facing a terminal medical issue I would move to Oregon in order to have legal options that would improve the quality of my life, including medically assisted suicide. I feel the final decision on how someone lives should be up to the person suffering, not anyone else.

  • Yes, move to Oregon

    I would take the chance to move to Oregon if it meant a higher quality of life for me and my family. However, when stuck in the general rat race of daily life, we often don't think things would be better and see things through tainted glasses. It is hard to be optimistic about a change when everything is a challenge around you. Oregon would be a risk worth taking.

  • Moving to Oregon wouldn't provide a higher quality of life

    Having a higher quality of life is a very subjective topic. While moving to Oregon might be a viable option for many people, it is not for me. My family lives in Florida. It is where I grew up and where I want to raise my family. Everyone can define quality of life differently and I define it as being close to your loved ones in a place you love.

  • No, I would not move

    I would not be able to move to Oregon for a higher quality of life. My family is everything to me and I would not be able to just leave them. I believe in loyalty and unless my parents, siblings were going I would not make a change just to benefit me if it even does in the long run because I would be missing so much of what I love.

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