• Texas is a great state.

    Texas in a whole is one of the largest and most important states in the US. Texas if it where its own country would be in the top 10. Texas is having a boom in job growth along with population growth, so it is an ideal place to start a business. Texas is also moving the left in the political sector, as it is predicted Texas will be a swing state by the year 2050. If you live in the city you will see alot of liberals, however if you move to idk lets say Abilene you wont see alot of blue.

  • Texas and it's jobs

    I would not move to Texas or anywhere else for a job. I live in South Carolina and I feel jobs here are just as good or better than other places. Also the price of living is fairly low here. Texas seems like a very nice place, but I would not move there simply for it's jobs.

  • If you aren't happy, no amount of $$$ can cure that.

    I have family who live/lived in Texas. Those in the San Antonio area are still happy & still there. Those who resided in Houston, Dallas & Galveston have left. I have been to TX. Personally, I do not care for it. The heart & humidity doesn't bother me nearly as much as that smug, TX bravado. And, unfortunately, most Texans have it. If I had to deal with individuals natured like that on a daily basis, I'd go nuts. Texas? No, thank you.

  • Texas job move

    No I would not move to the state of Texas for a job. I do not like the climate of Texas. It is too hot and dry. I do not like the environment either. I would also not move there for a job because for the time being i am a stay at home mom.

  • No I Wouldn't

    I absolutely would not move to Texas for a job. I feel the state is far too conservative for my taste and I probably wouldn't be able to stand it. I would much rather move to Colorado where the social climate is better well adjusted. Texas just isn't a place for me. I can't ever imagine living there.

  • No Texas for me!

    I cannot personally see myself moving to Texas for a job. As an East Coaster I love it here. You rarely hear anything appealing about Texas. As a smart squirrel once said " dumb old Texas " That is pretty much my mentality as well. Perhaps if I visited I would change my mind but for now the fast pace works for me.

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Rightwing15 says2014-10-01T04:39:52.820
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