Would you murder an innocent person, in order to prevent two innocent people from getting killed by someone else?

Asked by: Trig314
  • Yes, assuming there's no other way.

    Assuming there's no other way to do it. Yes, I would kill one innocent person to save two.

    Killing one would save two, and not killing the one would kill two. In this situation, the choice that would save more is the most logical choice in my opinion.

    Do less evil for more good.

  • The Decision of the Strong.

    The decision to kill one in order to save many is a decision only the strong can make. Normally and originally, we would seek those who understood these decisions and made them the leaders. What people do not understand is that "this" is by far the most common type of question in the world. It's just that we simply never know the exact cost-benefit ratio. There are never "clean" decisions where you save everyone, everyone benefits, and we all sing kumbaya.

  • Either way you will end uo with blood on your hands.

    It doesn't matter which one you choose because in either case you will have been responsible for someone else's death. If you choose to kill the one person in order to save the two others then you would have to deal with the guilt of having murdered another person. However, should you choose to not kill the one innocent person then you'd have to face the guilt in knowing that you could have prevented their deaths. Personally, I would choose to save the two people simply for quantitative reasons. It would be twice the number of lives saved and twice the number of families spared from tragedy and grief.

  • There may be another way...

    First of all no I definitely wouldn't. Murder is wrong, taking a life is wrong even if it was one of the most horrible people in the world. It is wrong. I would try to intervene but not with murder I would contact the police, or maybe even sacrifice my self instead if it was in that scenario. If it is impossible to intervene, or help in any way then no I still wouldn't commit that horrible crime. It is wrong to kill even if you are saving another, that is what I believe.

  • Just on my moral ground

    While it would be commuting what some may call a "good deed". Unless you can set up a scenario I can take into account to help with my decision this my only response would be to follow how morally I feel on killing. I wouldn't be able to do it myself but if it was necessary, I may have to either way.

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