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Would you offer someone a job to get them off welfare (increase consumer spending)?

Asked by: ilovejews7
  • I think libertarians should: if they want their vision of libertarianism to be economically practical.

    The congress rewards the affluent with tax breaks yet doesnt demand the affluent to hire as a concessions for the the tax breaks. If affluent libertarians want a well fare free county, then manybe they should offer welfare recipients work or rally to demand their congressmen to coerce the spoiled affluent. After all, the affluent's behavior is rewarded with tax breaks while they open up factories abroad for cheap labor. The system is broken. The majority of americans are either part time or independent contractors post recession. How can consumer spending increase if nothing is demanded of corporations? A majority partime independent contractor workfoce that cannot afford the basics of maslows hierarchy of needs is a bad indication for the wealthiest country in the world. The congress and the trunp administratiois n is seeking budget uunited kingdom-esque austerity for the year 2018...In 2020, we will likely vote in another neoliberal president...

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