• 16K camp steep but not insane

    I would pay 16k for summer camp if it warranted it. There are many facets to choosing a camp and many have a lot to offer. 16K is less than a semester of college for many, so swallowing that bill if warranted is not far fetched. People gasp at the price, but you get what you pay for!

  • Summer Camp - Getting ahead in life.

    Spending $16,000 is a lot of money. No one not even the wealthiest would throw away $16,000. However, everyone would spend $16,000 if they knew they could get a 100% or greater return. Spending $16,000 to allow children to go elite technical summer camps like computer science, business, and sports camps is worth the investment.If the child can learn something of great benefit like Java programming, or a jump shot can translate to either great job opportunities or Division 1 scholarship for academics or sports.

  • What currency are we talking in?

    Assuming we're doing HK dollars (which would make it cheaper than USD), I'd still say no. Might have something to with the fact that I'm broke, but hey! Sure you get elite academic courses from universities and sports from those summer camps, but that isn't going to get you into good tertiary education alone. Personally I'd go get an internship to fatten up my applications, then spend that 16k on fun and games :D

  • Summer Camp Shouldn't Be Expensive

    Who pays $16,000 for summer camp? I hate to sound like an old person, but when I was a kid, summer camp meant playing outside with sticks. Seriously! I understand that families today are usually two-income units and parents can't take the whole summer off to watch their kids, but if you're paying 16 grand for basically "day care", are you really making any money? The kids can't possibly be learning skills at summer camp that are worth 16K, unless they're learning something a bit more life-appropriate than basketweaving and frisbee tag.

  • Summer Camp Price

    I would not pay 16K for a summer camp. I prefer my children to be with me during the summer time and participation in free local summer programs. I would not pay that much nor could I even afford it if I had any want to. I can not imagine what summer camp charges that much.

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