Would you pay $3,300 for a refrigerator with a Keurig coffee maker built in?

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  • No, because of the cost of the individual items.

    A high end refrigerator barely values over $2500 and a Keurig is valued at less than $300. As such, the cost to have them separate would still be well under the cost of $3000. The only time the cost would be considered reasonable is if the refrigerator model was near the value of $3000 - $3500.

  • I would not want a Keurig in my refrigerator, they have a shorter life span.

    Typically, a refrigerator will last 10-15 years, sometimes more. I know of several individuals who had their Keurig stop working after a year or two. Putting one in a refrigerator is a poor choice because you'll have a broken piece, or repairs every few years on an otherwise maintenance free item.

  • No fridge with coffe maker

    This is one of the silliest things to put in a fridge. It is not clear why someone would want a Keurig coffee maker built into their fridge. It is more a gimmick than a practicality, and clearly defeats the purpose of having a fridge to keep food cool or frozen.

  • That's a lot of money for bad coffee.

    Keurig's pod system in a refrigerator door? Count me out. Keurig coffee is overpriced and even top name brands like Starbucks and Peets taste stale in those little plastic brew cups. I would rather keep my standalone espresso machine and coffee press than pay the Keurig tax for their awful coffee. Not to mention mechnically, what happens when Keurig stops supporting the product, it breaks? Now you're stuck with a refrigerator with a dead coffee maker on the front.

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