Would you pay extra to fly in order to ensure that the airline was live-streaming the flight data?

  • Can you put a price on your life?

    Safety first ! If the black box is recording parameters and some are out of whack, it doesn't make sense to keep them locked up at 30,000 feet. Stream them to the ground so the people who service the aircraft know what is going on up there in real time. Don't fly the plane for another 4 hours if it puts our lives in jeopardy. There is a company called Flyht who provides this service and its said that the product pays for itself within the first year.

  • Too many extra fees already!

    Flyers are tired of getting nickel and dimed by the airlines on top of paying for expensive flights. Baggage fees are expensive enough already and the airlines take any opportunity to get the flyer's credit card out of their wallet to pay for any extras on the flight, such as extra food, drinks and movies.

  • No, I would not pay extra for live-streaming flight data.

    I would not be willing to pay extra to fly in order to ensure that the airline was live-streaming the flight data because I believe that this is something that should be done free of charge as a general safety precaution. Flying already comes with so many added fees that I would not be willing to pay for another one, even if it were for a small amount.

  • No, I would not pay extra for this extra service.

    Any time there is an accident or some other unexpected event relating to commercial airlines, it naturally gets a lot of media attention, not least because the results are often fatal. But the fact is that statistically, the odds of getting in an airpline accident are much smaller than those of getting in a car crash. I'll take my chances, and keep my extra money.

  • Why don't planes live stream flight data?

    The company that has already created the technology stated that the technology was designed to be cost effective in that companies would recover its initial costs in a matter of months by using it to help cut fuel costs or troubleshoot mechanical problems. It will become a more efficient operation as a result.

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