• I would pay

    Although i wouldn't say 3D enhances my experience i would still pay. Yes i would prefer 2d but i have no problem paying for 3D. And certain films, for example Gravity, Avatar etc, can be absolutely brilliant in 3D. Also it's fair to charge would with 3D as it cost more to make a film in 3D

  • Yes, but depending on the cost

    I would pay extra to watch a 3D movie, because I think it's fair to charge moviegoers for the privilege of seeing a movie with some kind of special digital or audio experience that they wouldn't get with a normal film (for example, IMAX). However, I'd pay for 3D depending on the cost. Snacks and regular movie tickets are expensive enough as it is right now (in NYC, they're $13), so between all of that and train fare, I can't really see myself paying much more than $16 or $17. Anything higher would be off limits.

  • A Waste of Money

    Now don't get me wrong. When it comes to 3-D movies we've come a long way from wearing red and blue shades but to me, who cares? All I honestly see is stuff flying on the screen. Most of the time, when I go see a movie that is only featured in 3-D, I'm somewhat turned off by the idea of how this is just a gimmick. What's more gimmicky is the fact that they purposely add these scenes in the movie where stuff is sticking out as if we forgot(My reference is Pirates of the Caribbean 4. It's annoying and tedious to be a part of. Maybe in the future, we will come up with something better like 4 Dimensional, where you are in the movie, but to answer the question, I would not pay to see a 3-D movie(unless it was free and was threatened at gunpoint).

  • 3-D isn't a good use of money.

    I wouldn't pay extra to watch a film in 3-D. In my point of view, 3-D is just a gimmick catering to the people who believe that it enhances the quality of a film. 3-D on it's own cannot make a good movie - that is down to writing, acting and direction. It also gives me a painful headache while watching. 3-D is just not for me.

  • No way. They are not that great

    3d movies hurt my eyes SOOOOOOOOO bad. Once I take off those glasses I have a horrible headache and feel nauseous. I would rather see 1,000,000,000 normal movies than waste my money on something not that great. Once you leave a 3d movie people think that they feel sick from eating too much sweets but it is really from the huge screen and 3d glasses.

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