Would you pay higher taxes if you were compensated with free education?

Asked by: Cerulean_Prince
  • A few additional coins for lifetime access to knowledge.

    Taxes are not just paid by one person, it's paid by the whole nation. Those small additional coins or bucks in exchange for free education is worth it as once you've graduated and grabbed your degree, you can earn enough for yourself and your family. Even if you can't find a job in your own country, you can go overseas.

    Of course, free education should also come with proper classrooms, materials and teachers / instructors.

    In the long run, yes, it's quite an ache in the pockets but think of it as your help to your countrymen. Those taxes you pay can make the next president, the next tycoon or maybe your son / daughter's husband / wife!

    Cash can be earned and lost in a day, week or month, but education, once learned, stays throughout your life.

  • Free education for all!

    Education should always be free! The idea of tuition was foreign to those who built universities.

    We have a right to an education, but in the current system you cannot get an education with paying an arm and a leg.

    Most students who graduate with a 4-year baccalaureate have $100,000, or more, in student loans. This hurts the economy and soon everyone will just be in massive debt, and unable to repay the loan. In addition, most graduates are only making $40,000 / year or less.

  • Free Education is essential and already happening in Europe.

    Most European nations already have free or very cheap College education, some even give you money to attend College. Your education should not be limited by your parents income, especially not in a nation that represents equality.
    I am from Germany and I was originally shocked about the fact that good education in the US is not affordable for everybody.

  • Free education is the most expensive

    No person should lose their home for refusing to fund an obsolete local school system, or to line the pockets of a college administrator with a six figure salary.

    Education should be funded by the student or family. This would bring down the cost of education by rectifying an agent - buyer issue.

  • Free education isn't an answer

    Public education has proven to be extremely faulty at best. Right now, our nation's children go to a terrible school run by unionist teachers who can't stay on the job for more than a month without striking, and they get second rate education. And still their parents pay astronomical property and income taxes for these schools. Let capitalism do its magic with schools. Let schools compete. You will have schools trying to be better so people will attend. Prices will get lower with competition, and best of all, almost no tax for education.

  • I Would, Others Wouldn't

    While I would be willing to do this, it wouldn't be practical for most people. By the time Americans are making a substantial amount of taxable income, most of them have already completed their grade school and college educations. They generally aren't interested in additional schooling, so there isn't any real need for free education. They would simply be paying the way for the next generation, which amounts to charity, not necessarily taxation.

  • No. K-12 is enough.

    Absolutely not for post secondary education. Students and maybe some help from family should be responsible for college education. You have 12+ years to apply yourself and get a good education. Use it to get a scholarship. Do part-time jobs to earn some money while still in high school and pick a sensible university. (Not one just so you can be away from home and be with your friends) Take out a small student loan if needed, it will teach you how to be responsible and pay back debt when you graduate. Find university with co-op programs. That will also help.

  • Taxes all your life??

    I agree one needs the best and at least the basic education in his/her life but not by compensating with their lifelong earnings with higher taxes.

    An average of 4 years of bachelor's degree might or might not cost you quite a lot but getting it for free should not be ended up by paying back the government (through taxes) way more than what one usually would have paid without the free education and that specially in a country where the money received by the government through taxes is not put to use for the benefit of the common people to 100 percent and it goes into the pocket of the govt. Officials.

  • It's still not free

    Free education. What a great concept. Accept it is like the gold fish I won in the carnival. That was "free" As well. Accept then there was the tank. Then the food. Also the gravel. I almost forgot the hook shelter and the filter. That was not a free fish. That fish cost me about 100 dollars. Just because school would be free doesn't mean the supplies would not be.

    Also this already happens! Have you ever heard of public school?

    Other than those two, higher taxes mean that you are paying for the school. Also, if school is free then good bye good education. Schools that have money can offer more. If the school does not make much money then they don't own much new technology either.

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