Would you pay six figures to listen to Hillary Clinton speak?

  • Yes,I would pay Hillary that amount

    I think Hillary Rodham Clinton has a very interesting background from first lady to senator to Presidential hopeful to Secretary of State. It could be argued she is one of the most extrodinary women the United States ever produced. So based on her expirience and background I would say she has alot to say that commands that six figure fee.

  • I wouldn't pay 1 dollar to listen to Hillary Clinton speak.

    Not only do I not have that kind of money, She is a complete idiot. At the same time, I wouldn't listen to anyone speak, Especially the person that said "America is great, Because America is good. " Almost anything that comes out of that woman's mouth lowers someone's IQ. Her speaking is why she lost the election, She said some of the most idiotic things I have ever heard in my entire life.

  • There Is No Way

    I would never pay six figure to hear anyone speak, and that includes Hillary Clinton. There is nothing she could say or tell me that would worth that much. Anyone paying this much has completely lost their minds. Someone that charges or pays that much should be ashamed of themselves.

  • I don't have that kind of money anyway.

    Even if I could afford the six figures, I don't have enough interest in the former First Lady to invest that money to hear what she has to say. Maybe that's just me, but I don't think she has enough to say to appeal to my pocket. I'm sure there are others that would disagree.

  • No, I would not pay that much to listen to anyone speak.

    In my opinion, the only people who have that large sum to casually throw away simply to LISTEN to someone is a person who has already made up their mind. As such, it is a huge waste one way or the other. I would rather invest the money towards my own future or, at the very least, donate it to a charity as a silent contribution.

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10inchclick says2013-02-23T20:40:59.527
Promoters pay 6 figures and more because they are going to make a return on that investment by renting out a hall or auditorium to get a few thousand to pay 3 figures to hear Hillary speak. The most I'd pay is $1,000 but she would have to speak to me while naked.