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  • I would not pay to watch Glenn Beck's show.

    Glenn Beck tends to be more conservative than I am on just about every topic. I rarely, if ever, watch anything, follow anything on social media, nor read any articles that he has either written or was featured in. I could not justify spending money on a show that he is in, or produces, if I do not follow his work when it is free.

  • No, I would not pay to watch Glenn Beck's show.

    No, I would not pay to watch Glenn Beck's show. I am not of the same political affiliation as he is and in my opinion I do not believe he presents the conservative view in a way which would be interesting, insightful or informative to me. Personally, I would prefer to receive the conservative perspective on issues elsewhere.

  • That's A Big No

    I'm not going to be paying to watch Glenn Beck's show and quite frankly I don't know anyone who would pay for such a thing. With all the media choices out there at low cost or no cost there's no need to pay for some pompous reporter who thinks he knows it all.

  • No, I would not

    I am not a huge Glen Beck fan so I would definately not pay to watch it. I actually would not pay to watch anyones show. I pay enough on cable per month and can find other things to watch. I will not spend any more money on tv and shows.

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