Would you pay to send Facebook messages to people outside your network?

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  • No I would not.

    You don't even know if someone is going to remember you, and it's weird to have to send a friend request out of the blue without a message. It's too important to be able to send people messages without being friends. They already give you a way to verify your phone number to prove that you're not a spammer, so making people pay to send a message to non-friends is purely a money grab.

  • I Would Not Pay to Send Facebook Messages of Any Kind

    My personal decision to not pay to send messages to persons outside my network stems from the fact that I would not pay to send messages to the people “in my network”. I am not even going to belabor the point of whether Facebook should be free or not, although they certainly make a nice chunk of change simply from the plethora of annoying advertisements they plaster every page with. Simple truth is, if Facebook ever begins to charge even the most minimal amount for their basic services, they will soon receive punctual notice of the canceling of my account. If any of those people who are on my timeline as “friends” really want to get a hold of me, or notify me of the monumental news, that their cat or dog died, they can call me on the telephone. If the “BoneBlower” isn’t there choice of communication, send me a good old fashioned “email”. Hard to believe that the connotation of “old fashioned” actually now applies to email, even in so much as it is still relegated to the crypt about as much so as the proverbial “snail mail”. Pay for sending messages to people outside my network? Shoot, I wouldn’t recognize half the people who are in my network, so I am certainly not going to be someone else a message.

  • No, it's supposed to be free.

    A quote regarding Facebook from it founder, Mark Zuckerberg "It's free and always will be." So why should I have to pay for anything. They already throw a plethora of ads my way every time I look at the page, don't they get enough money from that. If there is anyone outside of my network that I don't know or have an email address for anyway, then I just won't talk to them.

  • Why are they always trying to get my money?

    A network can be a very limiting set of people especially when you are trying to connect with people you know from other places. I know people from all over the world, and Facebook wants me to pay just to send them a message? What are they thinking? Maybe I just need to delete my Facebook.

  • No I personally would not pay a dime to send messages to people outside of my circle of friends and family.

    I love Facebook as means of keeping in contact with family, friends and as a method of connecting with friends from the past. However for me, personally, Facebook does not hold any value as a communications vehicle to contact people I don't know. So I would not pay a dime to send a message to someone on Facebook outside of my network.

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