Would you prefer a song with "explicit" language over a "clean" song?

Asked by: oblanco
  • Explicit I prefer

    I think explicit language expresses something. A clean version can sometimes take away from the original message of the song. I hint censorship is too heavy these days, in the sense that children are going to hear these words eventually, so telling and showing them that these words exist might be a good thing

  • The use of language is not as important as the meaning.

    The meaning of the song should matter more than the amount of language the artist uses. Of course, if you wanna make a song for kids, than you shouldn't have explicit words, but that's an exception. I'd think more people would (hopefully) prefer a song with a deep, intellectual meaning with curses than a "clean" song that has absolutely no meaning whatsoever. Of course, there's only so many curses a song can have, as unless it's rap which usually utilizes Rhyme more than most genre (in my opinion), explicit words generally either slow the flow of the song or put too much emphasis on something.

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