• How is this even a question

    Trump is an insane person who has been caught saying racist things,
    He says he'll get more Americans jobs, even though his old catch fraise was "your fired"
    Sanders is just as honest as Trump, but he actually shows integrity to go along with it, and is less likely to get us in yet another war, with the laughing stock of the world leading the charge.

  • Anybody Over Trump

    I would support any candidate over Trump. Trump is many things, none of which I find attractive qualities in a president. Although Sanders is not my first choice, I find my ideals more in line with his than of Trump's. Donald Trump has been a joke from the start, and I am hoping that his time is about up in the presidential race.

  • Yes I agree

    I am actually for Hillary Clinton, but I would take Sanders over Trump any day! I do not think Trump is qualified to be president and he is only a candidate because of his wealth and his mouth - but those two things do not equal actually being able to run the country.

  • He's not crazy like Trump.

    Nobody wants an insane megalomaniac as the president. We've experienced that before and he was impeached. Plus, Sanders really wants to help people, not just increase his own profits. It's unlike Trump actually wants to win anyways. He's just after publicity and the means to increase his own wealth if at all possible.

  • No, Sanders should not be president before Trump

    No, Sanders should not be preferred for president over Trump. Donald Trump is a popular figure who a large number of Americans could support as president. Sanders is from the small state of Vermont which may make the American public nervous due to its lack of diversity. Trump may also be a more viable international player than Sanders.

  • No.... I don't see that at all....

    Sanders may have good intentions for America, but here's the thing. I'm sick of socialism..... Having Bernie sanders would just leave America in a similar state as it is now with little improvement..... Yes.... I am a Trump supporter, but that's because I'm sick of the political BS! Also, don't say Donald trump has no good intentions for the American people, because he does.

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