Would you prefer to have less work (yes) or a lot of work that you love (no)?

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  • Less work is better than more work.

    Less work is better than more work because a light workload allows workers to have more free time. Everyone would prefer to get paid the same amount for less work. It makes the same work more valuable. Less work can mean that people have more time to spend with their friends and families.

  • Idle brain is a devil's workshop

    Work ennobles man. If you love what you're doing and do it with passion, It gives more meaning to your life. I believe true happiness lies in living day by day, making every single day fulfilled and productive. When you enjoy what you're doing, time flies by, whereas when you do not find joy in your work, it seems like time does not flow.

  • No, I'd rather love my work.

    I would always rather love my work and through my life I have mostly loved it. When that happens, time just flies by. Of course, as one gets older it is nice to have the option to cut back, as it is nice at various other times such as after giving birth.

  • I would prefer to have a lot of work that I love.

    I would prefer to have a lot of work that I love. There goes the old adage that if you do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life, and I find that to be very true. While I will do a lot of work, I would enjoy it a lot more if it is some thing that I like.

  • A lot of work that I love

    If I am doing something I enjoy, I can go on doing it until I'm exhausted. I'm not a lazy person, so just sitting around all day would bore me. I can't imagine the person who would say less work as opposed to more work that you love. If you enjoy it and have an endless supply of work, you could earn a comfortable living and be happy.

  • I would prefer to have a lot of work that I love to do.

    I would prefer to have a lot of work that I love to do. I am the type that likes to focus and have something productive to do in my everyday life. Having a lot of work would keep me busy and make the day go by faster. If I enjoy doing it, that would be a perk.

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