Would you prefer to have the English language simplified?

  • English makes no sense

    When learning different languages it is easy to realize that the English language is one of the worst around. The pronunciation and spelling of the words make little to no sense most of the time and sentences are complex to say the least. The English language could be simplified quite a bit without causing any major problems.

  • That could cause problems.

    No, I most certainly would not prefer to have the English language simplified. With several hundred million native speakers of the language, most of us already know the rules of pronunciation. Changing it would only cause massive confusion. For people who haven't learned it yet, too bad, life just isn't fair.

  • I Know It Well

    I would prefer not to have the English language simplified. Working on learning it since birth, I know it well and I would hate to see it torn to pieces. I really appreciate the English language for intricacies. While it may be difficult to learn, I find it to be a great, descriptive language.

  • There's no need

    The English language is a difficult one to learn, but we've had more than enough examples to prove that it's possible. There's no need to simplify the language at this point, I'm not even sure what that would entail but in any event it comes off as something that is needless.

  • No I would not.

    I would not prefer that the English language become simplified. I already know it and spent years understanding it things would be super confusing if they made any changes to it that were drastic just to make it easier to learn for those of us who did not grow up with it.

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