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  • Propaganda Is Bad

    I would not propagandize Harvey Milk Day in countries like India. Firstly, many American citizens don't know who Milk is, despite the fact that a movie was made about his story, so the majority of those in India certainly won't know who he is. Secondly, propaganda shouldn't be used for any reason.

  • No, people should choose thier own heroes

    Every culture has its own norms and its cultural heroes,
    though not everyone feels the same about them. Switzerland has William Tell,
    and France has Napoleon. Many in California see Harvey Milk as a martyr to the
    cause of gay rights but not everyone in California feels that way. Even if
    everyone here did, it would still be unreasonable to expect other cultures to
    automatically accept that value judgment. Every person should find and follow his
    own heroes.

  • No, it's not their culture.

    Harvey Milk was a champion of gay rights here in the United States. He was important in a certain place at a certain time in history. To force a country such as India, which in many ways is in a time warp, to hear about this is probably counter productive for the average person.

  • Leave India and Harvey Milk Day separate

    I would not propagandize Harvey Milk Day in countries like India because this country is not invested in his life story. India is not a country that is open about sexuality either, and it isn't good politics to try to force an outside agenda like this on such a country.

  • Not their culture

    No, I would not push for a Harvey Milk day in anywhere except for the United States, because no other country will care what he did to support gay people here. In India for example they have no idea who he was, so why should they celebrate a day for him.

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