• Buying today and can't wait!

    For those who say it's an invasion of privacy, it's not illegal to record others. Here in AZ anyone can record you or take your photo legally if your out in the public. But I can't stand in front of your house and take photos thru your window. I don't care about the photos or video, but the apps to come!!

  • It is a good gadget.

    I think I would purchase Google glass if they weren't so expensive. Google glass is one of the first invention of its kind. Even though it might not be safe in some cases. It would be great to experience something right in front of your eyes with out any distraction.

  • WOOO! Yes wow!

    I already bought my pair and they are the best in the world!! I cannot believe people would even think about passing a chance to own something this amazing! I need 50 words so i will just keep typing.. Haha. I got the sky blue ones and they are amazing! Thanks GOOGLE

  • Absolutely will buy these

    There are two types of people in this world: Those who will buy into this new technology right away and enjoy all the perks...And those who will eventually buy into it after reluctantly "being too cool." I am always surprised to see how many people forget the controversy around "smart phones." It's the same thing here.

  • Best Thing Ever

    Google Glass is such an innovative technology that will some day lead to implanted Internet chips controlled by our thoughts. This is so exciting! By comparison, the Iwatch seems goofy! Apple's latest attempt at Igotcha! My only concern is that early purchasers will be targets for criminals and I would be confined my wear them indoors in a safe place. Bummer! Hopefully, they won't be too expensive and rapidly lose their novelty.

  • Leap Forward in Tech

    It would be amazing to access the internet using a hands-free interface, although I'm still eagerly hoping for brain implants and true immersion virtual reality. I see the Google Glasses as a revolutionary leap forward in the field of personal technology. I hope to see much more like this soon!

  • Yes - I won't be first in line, but I'll be ready to go!

    With anything as innovative and groundbreaking as Google Glass, I have an fascination fed by countless years of science fiction driving me to try it out! The data interface proposed by Google has social and societal repercussions, but these will work out much as smart phones have become ubiquitous in day to day life. I am excited to see these technologies evolve, and I am looking forward to being part of it!

  • Yes, I would buy Google Glass

    Watching Star Trek as a child, I was fascinated by the communicators the crew members wore on their chests that they simply had to tap to interface with the ship's computer. Google Glass brings this amazing ability to life, but with even greater capability.

    Google Glass provides an option to take a picture, record video and communicate on a whim. No need to hold your smartphone up while trying to bike off-road. No need to really even plan ahead. Google Glass offers not only futuristic technology, but it offers this technology seamlessly integrated into your life. Arthur C. Clarke said something about successfully advanced technology being indistinguishable from magic. As the manifestation of magic, I would indeed purchase Google Glass.

  • Not on your life, sport.

    Google Glass is a blatant invasion of privacy. Not only does it have the ability to record without anyone else knowing (and without their permission) but it pulls even further apart from actual social interaction. People are becoming so reliant on sites like Facebook that they cannot even have a genuine interaction with someone. If you want to volunteer all of your private information (like you do with Facebook) over to Google, be my guest. But when Google starts playing ads in your head, don't come crying to me.

    -Technology is good but YOU must decide where it crosses the line
    -Glass is an invasion of privacy. One should not be able to record someone else without their permission.
    -The decision is up to you but I will NEVER give Google that much control. I have to draw the line somewhere.

  • We Dont Need Them

    I think these glasses will cause more problems then they are worth. People will use them when they are driving causing people to get into accidents. Technology is causing the human race to become lazier and lazier soon no one will have a reason to go out with friends or talk to other people. This is the start of the human race becoming to fat to move. Plus everything you do on those glasses you go on a smartphone and do the same thing

  • Time to disconnect.

    What's the point really? I saw someone wearing one in church this week and thought they looked like an idiot. He was showing people how he could take their picture and post it to Facebook. I love technology, but this item continues to push the bounds of what is appropriate in privacy and the increasing inability of people interact with each other. It also felt uncomfortable being around him, like my privacy was in jeopardy.

    Side but somewhat related note: We recently instituted a policy in our home that for 2 hours each night, we disconnect from all tv, phones, computer, etc. It's amazing how much we accomplish, and how much better we connect socially. Try it, you might like it.

  • Google glass is one of the inventions that we thought we wanted, but don't

    Not only is there a risk for brain cancer with the thing on your head, there is really not much you can do with it that can't already be done with a smartphone.

    Some say it is more private. Lies. In order to take a picture, you must shout "OK glass, take a picture", making it even MORE obvious than just taking out your phone.

    Google glass is like Siri, fun to play around with at first, but not very practical afterwards. Plus, it makes you look like an idiot.

  • Google Glass will turn us into idiots

    Google Glass makes everything too easy, to the point where we won't even think for ourselves. For example, no one will learn to read a map or communicate with other human beings without being constantly distracted by being connected to social media 24/7. THIS is the problem. The Google Glass takes the humanity out of everything.

  • I Would Not

    Google Glass looks interesting, I'd even say impressive, but it is not for me. I do not like to put technology anywhere on my head. if something goes wrong with it I am screwed. I also do not know what type of frequencies are coming out of it. It could mess my head up.

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Quan says2013-08-22T19:28:05.617
I find it more of an awkward transititional technology than anything. I may buy it anyway if it's not too expensive.