• A haunted ghost town sounds fun.

    Yes, I would absolutely buy a haunted ghost town for 800,000 dollars. 800,000 dollars is not a lot of money for purchasing a town and if it is supposed to be haunted I could charge visitors a fee to go to it and explore. It could be a lot of fun and very profitable.

  • No, I would not purchase a haunted ghost town for any price.

    No, I would not purchase a haunted ghost town for any price. Although there are no doubt some buyers for this type of property, I would rather simply have a house. If I could afford an $800,000 property I would like to buy a very nice house or perhaps a rental property, but have no desire to purchase a ghost town.

  • No, I wouldn't

    I wouldn't purchase a haunted ghost town as I would find it very creepy and weird. I wouldn't be able to go anywhere near if for the fear that there is something there (even if there isn't) but the thought of it would creep me out. I think it would take a certain type of person to buy a haunted ghost town.

  • haunted ghost town

    No I would not purchase my very own haunted ghost town for eight hundred thousand dollars. I do not have any need for a ghost town. I do not need to buy one to enjoy one. I do not have that kind of money and I would not buy that if i did.

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