Would you push a button that would destroy ALL civilian firearms?

Asked by: anthonyluvsband
  • Since there's no guns FOR SURE, then almost no more gun violence

    I've always been picky about gun control since I felt there could be an underground black market selling guns, while we're defenseless. Since I know for sure all guns would be destroyed, then I wouldn't have to worry about someone shooting me because black market guns would be destroyed as well.

    Guns do help in killing people. Using our bare hands often doesn't kill easily (except for suffocation). No more guns, no more chances of large-scale gun crime.

  • Sure Would and love it.

    Think no more massacres, kids accidentally shooting themselves or others. Just going to school with out fear. Sounds like a plan if only the tardis were true we could go back in time and save all those innocent people with a push of another. Because prevention is always better than a cure.

  • People have killed each other long before guns were invented

    There are plenty of ways to kill people without a firearm, destroying guns won't work. And if citizens can't own guns the government shouldn't have them either, I don't trust any government that doesn't allow people to own guns. Maybe assault weapons are a little too far, but citizens who aren't mentally ill or violent ex-convicts should always be able to own firearms.

  • If we didn't have guns

    Man kind would just find other weapons they can use to kill each other no matter what you do people will always find a way to kill each other. Even if there was no weapon on earth we have our hands and feet and trust me you don't always need a weapon to kill a person no and gun's don't always kill people it helps us hunt a sniper scope can be used for binoculars gun's are very useful plus mankind can always make guns again.

  • No anyone that says yes is feminine

    Its one of our rights to keep and bear arms. It is a way that our soldiers protect us. If you are a man debating against this and you don't like guns there is something very wrong with you. It is also a way of everyday protection. People say guns kill people that is not true in the end of the day who's pulling the trigger?

  • No i would not

    Why would anyone do this. It is uncostitutional and just plain wrong. People have the right to choose if they want to have a gun or not. The government and people are NOT allowed to take this away fromus. It is a free right that we should all have no matter who we are.

  • Nope because that just means people will find other ways to kill each other.

    Id much rather have a button that if pushed, killed all the thieves, psychopaths and junkies - junkies and drug related crime being responsible for about 90% of all gun related criminal activity.

    Being as that's not a likely scenario, I'll stick to a trigger instead of a button. Instead of wishing for a utopia that can't and will never exist, I will create my own opportunity, my own utopia and fiercely guard it from the aforementioned.

    With my Smith and Wesson, of course.

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