Would You Quit Your Job if Your Values Did Not Match Your Employers?

  • I would find it difficult to work for any company of which I could not be proud.

    If a company for which I worked had different values than my own, I would find it very difficult to work for it. A primary motivating factor in the workplace is pride in one's company. If your company is not an organization of which you could be proud, then chances are that one would not have the motivation to continuously and consistently do the job to the best of one's ability.

  • Unhappiness Not Worth It

    If my own personal values didn't measure up to those of my employer, I would quickly become unhappy. Unhappiness at a job isn't worth the money made at such an endeavor. How much money is worth your soul and your health? Those two things are priceless. I would instantly quit a job if I felt my core values didn't correlate with those of my employer.

  • Well It Depends

    When we talk about values one doesn't have to automatically go to the extreme of matters maybe I think that one should only marry once while my employer has married more than 5 times well that may bother me somewhat but not enough to quit my job, but if it were an extreme case of illegal things going on and harassment from my employer I wouldn't give it a second thought. But again if it's something minor the need to sustain a living a would overcome that small difference of values between my employer and me.

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