Would you rather be a dragon (yes) or vampire(no)

Asked by: Madgirl707
  • I would love to be a dragon.

    Mostly because then I can breath fire(or other elements),fly really fast, have built in armor, an endless supply of gold, and most of all I would have magical powers (depends on how you view dragons) a dragon could(burn, mutilate, squash, or other wise DESTROY an ARMY of vampires in a battle) so the strongest for the win...

  • Vampires rock, man!

    Vampires do have a dual side; they can be sophisticated and alluring, and they have qualities humans aspire to: youth, strength, etc. Yes vampires must kill for sustenance, but so does a lion. If I could be a vampire, I would choose vampires in the Twilight style because they're revolutionary.

  • As long as they aren't like Twilight vampires, then definitely!

    I think vampires are totally bad*ss! They blend in with humans easily and they feast on blood, what's not to love? They're also super pale and have fangs. And are neck biters. I've just always have had a thing for vampires and I absolutely love Dracula because he's so cool!

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