Would you rather be a vampire (yes) or werewolf (no)

Asked by: Madgirl707
  • I would rather be a vampire.

    I would rather be a vampire because you can live forever as long as you don't see sunlight and go out during the day. If you are a vampire, you can transform into a bat and fly wherever you want.. Life as a vampire is very boring since you can't go out until night time.

  • Being a vampire would be stressful.

    As a vampire, you wouldn't be able to go in direct sunlight. If you were a werewolf, you'd know exactly when you'd transform because all you'd have to do is check when the next full moon is. Just don't plan anything on those days. On top of that, if the old Twilight movies have taught us anything, the werewolves were way more good looking than the vampires.

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