• It really just depends on which one you value more--For me, it's my eyes

    Being deaf is, no doubt, a very difficult situation to cope with...But everything in life has a bright side to it. You see, I'm an artist, a painter, so I deeply appreciate my eyes. Since I was a little kid, I was mesmerized by colors. But it wasn't just colors in general,but rather the poetic,indescribable beauty behind them.--Red with its daring and intrepid aura,yet simultaneously, capable of rendering you full of emotions at their best. Orange,filled with kindness and elation;a flamboyant color that speaks to one's imagination. And yellow,gold,copper and all these endless combinations! My sight was drowning with hue! I could feel the colors as if they were alive, as if they were tangible....Every single shade--From Eau de Nil --to--Emerald Green, Violet to Lavender; Cyan and Turquoise --That Niagara blue, the obsidians and sables! All of them were absolutely beautiful. But beyond the matter of colors alone, I also couldn't help but fall in love with patterns. These wonderful creations,in such an intricate manner...But then combine both colors and patterns --What but if me could even dream of a world without my vision? Sure, being unable to hear has so many negative effects, but strangely, if I was deaf, It would actually enhance my perception with the eyes. I always sketch or paint in a silent room & with earplugs in. When I do this, I'm able to express the picture like its a person of its own. My art , the way I see them, are made out of the heart and spirit of vision. My world revolves around the very concept of sight....So when I'm asked, "To be deaf or blind--Choose" , my answer, for as long as I'm allowed to answer as so, will be always be, "Yes. I'll be deaf apropos your question" . ___Adonica

    Posted by: Ado
  • It is better

    Being deaf is nothing compared to being blind. I would miss not seeing the world i am living in right now. If i were deaf i would still get to see my family and friends. Although i do see why some would want to be blind though. Overall, being deaf is one thing but being bind is another.

  • It is better

    Being deaf is nothing compared to being blind. I would miss not seeing the world i am living in right now. If i were deaf i would still get to see my family and friends. Although i do see why some would want to be blind though. Overall, being deaf is one thing but being bind is another.

  • See the beauty of the world

    I think that being blind is much worse than being deaf so I would rather go deaf. If you were blind you could never get to see who the people you love and care for even look like. You could not expirience the world in the best way I think is possible. If you agree, please go check out the non profit organization, Lighthouse for the Blind and Vision Impaired!!

  • I would rather be deaf

    I would want to be deaf because i were to be blind, i wouldn't be able to experience the world i am living in. I would be even more miserable if i couldn't see who my family and friends were. I would prefer to be deaf because i could at least see where i'm going and could catch on to it and deal with that.

  • I'd rather be deaf

    If you're deaf you can see where you are going, and don't have to worry that you are going to bump into anything. If you're deaf you can also wear hearing aids if you want to listen to something, and you can take them off if you wouldn't want to hear anything...

  • I'd rather be deaf than blind .

    I would choose to be deaf because, although I enjoy music and such, there is no way to fix blindness. When you're deaf there are alternatives to things, such as sign language. I enjoy the little things in life such as sunsets and sunrises, and watching my niece grow. Your sight is one of your most used senses and though I cannot personally relate, I fear I would be a nightmare without it.

  • Being Deaf Is Better Than Blind

    Being Blind Would Mean, You Couldn't Do Simple Tasks Without help But If I Was Deaf At Least I Could Still Have Independence If You Say No Then You Would Be Ruining Your Life. I Would 100 Percent Always Pick Being Deaf Over Being Blind. Being Blind Is Giving Away Your Freedom

  • Deaf or blind

    I would rather be deaf because I love to watch tv I mean who doesn't like to watch tv anyways if you can't hear the tv you can put the words on the tv so you can see the words that's all I feel like writing homefulky you chose deaf but god forbid me from being deaf or blind

  • I would rather be deaf.

    Vision is a wonderful sense and so is hearing! But, there is so much beauty in the world, to live in darkness would be my worst fear. With deafness, there is Sign Language one, people can learn and one can still communicate with the outside world, Sign Language is just another language in my mind. So with seeing, you still have the best of both worlds by being able to see and communicate with the outside world..

  • With being blind you can still hear laughter.

    This argument is really tough to decide. Even though I love scenery, and art, I would absolutely hate not to hear things. I love talking. Just imagine hearing nothing. I can't imagine it. It would be scarier hearing nothing than seeing nothing. A blank world.
    Seeing nothing is harder, but hearing nothing is scarier.

  • I'd rather go blind

    If you love music and listening to cure your curiosity you'd understand. I would hate to be deaf because I would see the stares of people knowing that I am deaf. If I am blind I could easily hear more into conversations without people knowing. I'd really hate to be deaf

  • I LOVE seeing and hearing, but I'd choose blind

    Because I wear glasses so it's more likely to happen. If I was deaf, I'd try to read lips, but if you're blind, you only have to learn a new alphabet (braille) rather than 2 new languages (ASL and lipreading.) Plus, even though art is good, I prefer music, and being deaf you can't enjoy it! So, I choose blind!

  • I would rather be blind than deaf.

    I think being blind is better than being deaf, I personally hate seeing the horrible visuals of the world today. I think if I am not able to see things I will be happier. I know most people would choose being deaf but I love music and I love listening to interviews more than I like watching them.

  • The world is a very visually stimulating place.

    Although I would not want to be either, I think it would be easier to compensate for being deaf than blind. The world is a very visually stimulating place. A lot of communication is also visual, especially in today's electronic obsessed society. I wouldn't want to not ever be able to see the people, places and things in my life.

  • My sight and touch my 2 biggest senses

    I can imagine sound while looking at things, watching TV, concerts, and loud sound can be felt in the body. I can touch what I see to elevate my sight. I do like music and sounds, but seeing the beauty in life would be devastating. And I just like the saying, 'Seeing is Believing."

  • I'd rather be blind than deaf

    I would not be able to imagine my life without music. I'll miss seeing beautiful things such as vista's, landscapes and other beautiful sights but I'd rather sacrifice that than my ability to hear the voice of an amazing singer of of the love of my life. Being unable to read books will definitely be a major drawback for me but there are audio books for that problem.

  • Rather be blind

    Consciousness is feeling time. Ears experience time, eyes experience space. Memories allow a person to re experience the general idea of a past event. All the details of the event will be lost inevitably eventually, however, in this case making new memories with all the senses will be impossible. So if one favors hearing over sight, then that person has much to do.

  • First of all, I am going deaf

    Blind for sure. Even in the beginning, I could decide on rather being blind. I would much rather be blind because one it makes whatever u can do efficiently as crap, Two nowadays we can literally be blind asf and barely make a real difference of real life the only major thing that can't be fixed it being able to know exactly what everything around u looks like.

    When it comes to what we miss out when being blind all of it could be fixed except for the fun parts of seeing colors and everything. Everything else could be fixed by phones or laptops or a simple stick(sorry if that sounds rude). When it comes to using a phone blind there are settings specifically for that that have a voice telling you what your thumbs over same for laptops. Now for getting places, You can easily use uber lyft or even parents/friends. Writing u can now use your voice for them to put what u say in the text. Plus, If you were writing an essay you could even use a laptop to type and be super fast at it sooner or later because you won't be second guessing your self.

    Being compared to being deaf when you are blind you at least still have an open world where you don't feel like you don't have anybody else. As I am going deaf I feel like I am being sectioned off to less and less people every day. What I mean by that is when someone is deaf u can no longer communicate with the people u want to. People who are blind don't need to learn another language anymore nor do they need the people around them too as well. This leaves deaf people with only the most loyal people they will ever meet and the small number of people that live around them that even know asl. So when you walk down the street anywhere you can't even SOUND like a normal person. Even more so, They are no ways to hide it WHATSOEVER. That is unless you are planning to look emo alone and sad. At least when you are blind you can easily fit in and communicate with everyone.

    So basically you are laid with being left with little options of help or friendship and having to suffer knowing everyone believes you don't belong and are a nuisance on an entirely higher level when being deaf. When being blind I can have a good sleep each night without hating myself every time I leave my house.

  • It is better

    Being deaf is nothing compared to being blind. I would miss not seeing the world i am living in right now. If i were deaf i would still get to see my family and friends. Although i do see why some would want to be blind though. Overall, being deaf is one thing but being bind is another.

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